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Gary's gifts

Every ten years or so, my friend Gary in Ottawa sends me a box of gifts. Just out of the blue, and always quite fascinating.

One came the other day, and included:

A plastic alarm clock that looks like sticks of dynamite and which needs a battery.

A cassette that’s seen better days and might have Genesis on it.

A paragraph from a newspaper about how an underwater mountain in BC was destroyed in one of the largest non-nuclear controlled explosions.

A newspaper story from Jan. 16, 2012, after the Habs had just picked up Rene Bourque, and their recent success against the New York Rangers.

A clipping about the Habs drafting Dalton Thrower.

Two Montreal Canadiens 2011-12 pocket schedules.

A postcard of the old Ottawa tavern, the Elmdale House, along with a flyer listing the band lineup for July.

A 2012-13 Gatineau Olympiques pocket schedule.

Two beer receipts from a grocery store in Alymer, Que.

Four golf tees from Mountain Ridge golf course.

A hardcover book called Death of a Dissent, about the KGB, and which is quite interesting.

A pocket reading light.

A clipping about Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina, who was seen leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood dressed in a skimpy outfit.

A brochure about exotic spices.

A 2010 Journal de Montreal.

A tiny plastic Devils goalie stick from cereal.

A full page newspaper story about Paulina Gretzky sunbathing in a tropical location.

A 1997 Memorial Cup pocket schedule.

A Scotiabank hockey magazine.

An All-Star Weekend Ottawa Sun insert.

A 2005-06 Ottawa Senators Sun insert.

Beer prices advertisement from a grocery store.

Sidney Crosby Dempster’s Bakery card.

A Senators ad.

a Shania Twain photo of her  in her Habs outfit.

A Star Trek expired video card.





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