Stuff Before The Game

I think it’s worth mentioning that today the girlwatching during my walk around the little lake in the park was exceptional. Lovely creatures strolling about everywhere.

Maybe more than normal because word might have spread like wildfire that I was there in my shorts.

When God made women he was really at the top of his game. He gave 110%. There was no letting up. He took it one shapely curve at a time. A huge home run. And so on.

A lot of people wearing Habs shirts and hats were also enjoying the park. A little fresh air and nature before the big game is good.


I was in a St. Hubert bar recently and it was just me and a women about my age sitting a few stools down. Neither of us were talking, but I had my iPad and because I had come across these neat pictures of different dogs with beautiful and unusual coats, I decided to show them to her, just to be friendly.

It took about five minutes to go through these different dog pictures, with me pointing out ones I really liked. Great pictures. Some really funny ones.

At the end of it, she told me she hated dogs.


Walking around the lake, I came to the water fountain which happened to have a man and his dog standing nearby. I got within a few feet, preparing to press the button and have a drink, and the guy suddenly picked up the dog dish and started filling it with water.

He was in no hurry either, and filled it to overflowing while I waited. He hadn’t bothered when I was further away, only when I was two feet away.

What’s up with that?




6 thoughts on “Stuff Before The Game”

  1. He is, Marjo. He showed what he can do in the regular season but he’s sure not doing it now.

  2. Dennis, that guy sounds like your typical control freak. Has to get off on making someone wait until his holiness is done. Bet if you had said anything the flake would have started arguing. Some people are real fatheads.

    As for girl-watching…yeah, it can get extreme sometimes in Montreal. Wait until summer really begins. Invest in some sunglasses or else you’ll end up getting slapped all over the place.

    Naturally when I look it’s for art reasons…not like all you perverts out there.

    Hopefully someone will actually believe that one day.

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