Stuff About Stuff; Habs New Kids On The Block

Yes, I know there’s a chance you may have read much of the following already. But what if you’ve been in South Africa blowing a vuvuzela and cheering for Slovenia or Paraguay and missed all this? Or your computer blew a fuse at the x-ray counter at the airport. 

Or maybe you’ve simply had your head in the sand like Gary Bettman and his band of thugs.

Here’s what you need to know about the new guys. (And thanks to Danno for compiling these links for me while I was either on my picnic or sleeping.)

Lars Eller, who came over from St. Louis in the Halak deal.

Lars Eller
More Lars Eller
Even more Lars Eller
And even more Lars Eller

Ian Schultz, also part of the Halak deal.

Ian Schultz
More Ian Schultz
Even more Ian Schultz
And even more Ian Schultz

Dustin Boyd, who we got from Nashville for Sergei Kostitsyn

Dustin Boyd
More Dustin Boyd
Even more Dustin Boyd
And even more Dustin Boyd

Jarred Tinordi, drafted 22nd overall

Jarred Tinordi
More Jarred Tinordi
Even more Jarred Tinordi
And even more Jarred Tinordi

4 thoughts on “Stuff About Stuff; Habs New Kids On The Block”

  1. It’s good to see a positive story about the Canadien’s GM after the recent string of rants.

  2. Christopher, it’s an absolute breath of fresh air to see a positive take on things.

  3. Finally, some good news. Thank you Danno.
    Eller looks like the real deal. Hopefully he’ll be able to play up to the public eye’s expectations.

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