Stuck By Sabres

The Canadiens scored just once (Tomas Plekanec), while the Buffalo Sabres netted two, which means, um…..the Sabres’ win ends the Canadiens five-game winning streak.

It was a meaningless tilt for the Habs standings-wise, although continuing along their red-hot path would’ve been nice. Momentum is always good.

But it was also meaningful because Carey Price was almost hurt after getting bowled over (and who knows, maybe he is hurt), and Alexei Emelin went off late in the second and never returned.

Please Mr. Cleghorn and the rest of the Habs hockey gods, no injuries now with just two games left before the postseason. Is it asking too much?

And gods, please have the Canadiens hit the net sometimes. Is that also asking too much? Hit the net for ***** sakes. High, wide, just missed, close, high again, wide again.


Friday at home against Tampa Bay, and Saturday in Detroit before we get down to the nitty gritty next week. Once again, Sprague and gang, no injuries and better aim please.

2 thoughts on “Stuck By Sabres”

  1. Was at the game and can honestly say we got out muscled by Buffalo. We never hit back and looked out of sorts all game. The blue liners were useless. It was very obvious Webber and Benn were missing. Carey kept it from being 4-1. Hey guys, how about shooting the puck instead of trying for a fancy play. You can blame me if you like. Every game I attended this year the Habs lost. And I even picked what I thought were dog teams like the Islanders and Sabres hoping they’d win. This was pretty much a home game for the Habs looking at the crowd . Fun nonetheless. Always nice to see a live game.

  2. Too bad they didn’t when with you there, Billy. I thought they looked terrible in their own end but regardless. It didn’t matter in the standings, and maybe they weren’t mentally there. But I’m glad you had fun and at least the game was close. I was at MLG back in the 1960s when they got blown out by the Leafs, and I saw them lose 5-0 in Washington in the late-80s. Lots of Habs sweaters there, eh?

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