String Of Penalties Dooms Habs

David Desharnais can sit down with his kids some day and tell them about the night he scored his first NHL goal.

“I made it 2-1 for us on a beautiful deflection,” he’ll say. 

But his story won’t have a happy ending as he’ll also have to tell his wide-eyed kids about how his team then proceeded to take five straight penalties, the Penguins scored a total of four power play goals, and first goal or not for dear old dad, his team fell apart, losing 5-2 to the visitors.

I hope he also adds, while talking to his kids, that as good as it was to score that first goal, a win would have been even better. Of course, he’s playing for a regular spot in the lineup so maybe he’s not quite thinking that way at the moment.

Regardless, Habs fail to make headway.

Maybe it was playing the night before, flying home from New York in a snowstorm after the game, feeling stressful, and practicing the next morning. All of that must have been tough enough.

Maybe they felt like I feel after coming off a stretch of graveyards, which is a feeling of weirdness and being almost stoned. If so, I can’t blame them too much for having this off-game. As long as they correct it next time out.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 36-27 Pittsburgh.

One of Montreal’s penalties was an inexcusable too-many-men call in which the Penguins scored with just eleven seconds left in the second to make it 3-2. This is a backbreaker if there ever was one.

Tomas Plekanec tied the game at one just eighteen seconds after Pittsburgh had opened the scoring.

Next up – Rangers come calling on Saturday.

It was mentioned from beginning to end on TSN about Carey Price’s “arm pose” and how it wasn’t cool, and in the end, Fleury did it to rub it in. It think the whole thing is childish and Price did nothing wrong. All he did was be unique. And why can skaters go nuts when they score but a goalie must stand like he’s in a coma when he stops shooters in a shootout?

8 thoughts on “String Of Penalties Dooms Habs”

  1. Mark Adre Fleury has no class. He should realize Price did what he did after 5 rounds of a shoot out, not after a 3 goal victory. Fleury is an idiot and although he is a first overall, I think Price has way more potential. Fleury is ordinary compared to Price.

  2. I think, in retaliation, the next time they play together and it’s a close game, Price should shoot the puck off his own player to deflect it into his own net. Especially if it’s the most important game of his life up until then.

  3. not to dwell on the negative but habs scored, yes you guessed it, 2 goals again. can’t wait for a real scoring out burst when they can pot 3 big ones…………. i think michel has a most brilliant idea. i know great ideas like this will be implemented when you become owner/stickboy dennis. with your excellent upper management team you will be able to think outside the box…… remember, 90 percent of this game is half mental.

  4. I’m going to put myself through the pain of watching this tonight. Shocking number of penalties though. It can’t all be the refs I suppose.

    Was it in the 24/7 programme where they talked about the Penguins wanting a game to get chippy? Well it works if the Habs give up that many minutes 5 on 4.

    Don’t know about you Dennis, but I think hobo has sewn up the quote of the year and we’re still in January.

    “remember, 90 percent of this game is half mental.”

    Oh and in reply to your question to my post on the previous thread “Cilla”? “Cilla Black?”. Oh dear me no. When it comes to music out of Liverpool, there’s only Echo and The Bunnymen for me I’m afraid.

    Oh my God Cilla. You’re giving me nightmares.

  5. Hobo, the lack of scoring from their so-called scorers has reached crisis stage. The core of about four of them aren’t earning their money. We’ll go nowhere fast if these guys don’t start doing ths job.

  6. Blue Bayou, what about the Swinging Blue Jeans? Anyway, it was a painful game and I fear I’m too late to suggest to you to watch it slightly inebriated. Takes the sting off things. And I hope you saw Fleury act like a little baby at the end.

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