Stressful And Successful At The Good Old Hockey Game

Boom Boom Cammalleri not only dipped, doodled, and scored on a big penalty shot, but also held his own fighting against taller forward (3 inches) David Krejci in leading his team to a heart-stopping 4-3 win on home ice.

Thus ends a three-game skid and solidifies the Canadiens’ place as king of the hill, top of the heap in the Northeast division. 

(See video at bottom for fight replay)

Boom Boom and the boys clawed out a lovely and exciting win over the Bruins in what was pretty well a classic Habs-B’s game at the Bell Centre Thursday night, a game which featured bumps and thumps on the ice and squeals from the crowd throughout.

I’ve decided I like hockey again.

And not only do I like hockey, but I loved the open-ice, thunderous wallop PK Subban leveled on Brad Marchand. We don’t see these old-school bodychecks much anymore, but when we do, they’re something to behold. If I wasn’t so anti-Bruins I might have felt some of Marchand’s pain. I know I winced.

Scott Stevens, Bob Baun, and the Plager brothers would be proud.

(Also see PK’s big hit video under the Boom Boom fight at bottom)

I’m keeping this short. Montreal and Boston gave us some mighty fine entertainment. Max Pacioretty had a goal and an assist. And Maxim Lapierre is not only despised by the Bruins but also by Mike Milbury who said, and I quote, “When you have guys on your team playing with the annoyance level of cockroaches.”

I’m okay with this. The cockroach scored. And the other cockroach Milbury was referring to, Subban, showed the Bruins they have to keep their heads up.

So all’s well.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 41-37 Habs.

Next up – Habs travel to Denver for a Sunday game, which is also the first of seven road games.

16 thoughts on “Stressful And Successful At The Good Old Hockey Game”

  1. You have to love Subban’s bodychecks, he can level people and it isn’t an out of place hit, it’s an effective check and he stays in position most of the time.

    Nothing wrong with that check, at all. This NHL though, everyone is so full of themselves they assume they can’t get knocked down without the hit being dirty so they are always starting garbage after a beautiful hit is dropped.

  2. It’s true, Robert. A good old solid cruncher and it’s taken personally. I don’t understand. It was a beautiful old school, open ice thump. These type really hurt. Good for the young buck.

  3. Hey Dennis,Yes ,of course that wasa a nice check,P.K. has a great knack for this kind of hockey,kinda reminds me of Bob Plager.This guy used to flatten players with his clean but very effective body slams and the player just wanted to get off the ice as quik as he could to avoid further embarrasment.These guys allways have to come back at you now ,whether it’s clean or not.Carey Price outduelled Thomas,won the game and took a four point lead in the standings,GRRRREAT.

  4. What a game. Shittiest part was listening to Milbury and PJ. What a couple of idiots. They need to wear Bruin sweaters next time. And milbury saying he doesn’t have a vested interest? He hates the habs from the 1970’s. Turning out to be another Cherry.

  5. Hey, Mayo. Milbury’s always been off the wall. I remember how he would slander Kovalev, saying things that broadcasters just shouldn’t say. And yeah, he and PJ were too much to take tonight. But all in all, a great night, although I heard that a Boston network said that Cammy lost in a one-sided fight. Imagine. He did great!

  6. Dennis, PK the way PK hits reminds me of the type of body checks Larry Robinson used to give. He would back into his victim like a freight train at full speed and just devastate them.

    I guess Milbury is continuing the crap that Cherry started by calling PK and others cockroaches. Marchand was shaking like a leaf after Subban’s hit and it must have brought back memories of when Big Bird punished him.

    Or like this beauty that Robinson put on Gary Dornhoefer years ago…

    I say long live CockroaCH Power!

    On a side note, I think that Pacioretty should have been credited with two goals, but he only got an assist on what should have been his second. They gave the Habs’ fourth goal to Gionta even though on the RDS replay Gionta didn’t appear to touch the puck off the shot by Pacioretty.

    Back to being Habby again.

  7. Hey Dennis,Great clip by Danno,love seeing Larry pummell the mouth from the south.I was never a fan of Milbury,always said to much for his brain capacity to put up with.He never liked the Habs,but P.J. Stock used to play with them,I kinda thought he was talking in favour of the Habs towards the end of his broadcast.

  8. Dennis, the beauty of that monstrous hit by Subban on Marchand is that it lead to a penalty served by Greg Campbell for roughing — after he went to revenge PK. That same penalty resulted in Max Pacioretti’s first goal this season. It was almost a power play goal since it was scored only one second after the penalty was served.

    Hockey games aren’t always as entertaining as this one was and it was a great way to end the slump. It was also a really nice way to end the year for the Bell Centre crowd as the Habs will be on the road for the remainder of 2010.

    Next stop, Colorado Avalanche — Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Montreal time.

  9. In all fairness, the Bruins said they weren’t questioning the body check itself, their problem was the slew-foot. Did you guys notice Marchand at the bench? He was so destroyed, while sitting down he lost his stick over the boards. Lost all motor function. Too funny. We need Alex Henry at times like this. We’d sacrifice an effective D-man somewhere but we’re way too small for Boston and Philly. Great to have Pacioretty back. How did Henry do when he was up last time?

  10. Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald is getting an awful lot of toys for Christmas.

    Why do I know this?

    Well why else would he have thrown all his old ones out of the pram?

    “MONTREAL — The Canadiens are a despicable and dirty little hockey team that loves to dish out nasty cheap shots, often from behind, often after the whistle — and shows not the slightest willingness to back up the stick-work by dropping the gloves.”

    Oh he’s not finished by a long way….

    Truth, the first casualty in war and also it would appear, hockey.

  11. Dennis, I think the Bell Centre should adopt La Cuccaracha (The Cockroach song) as their goal song.

    Think about it. It’s a crowd pleaser — a lively little tune with lots of jump. It fits in nicely with the Olé, olé olé olé chant that also has a Spanish origin.

    Plus the cockroach is a very resilient and adaptable creature. It is small yes, but very tough. And almost impossible to get rid of — even if you hate them as much as Milbury and Don Cherry hate the Habs.

    I love the symbolism of that.

    I was surprised to discover what the meaning of the words to La Cuccaracha were…

    Here’s a couple of renditions of this wonderful and popular folk song…

    And the team already has a built-in Mexican connection with Scott Gomez…

    Scott Gomez was born and raised in a modest one family home in Anchorage, Alaska. His father, Carlos Gomez, a native of Mexico, moved there from San Diego in 1972 so he could take a construction job. It was in Alaska where Carlos met and married Dalia, a native of Colombia.

    Viva La CuccaraCHa!

    Vive Les Cocquerelles!

    Long Live CockroaCH Power!

  12. Danno, this is an excellent idea! Actually it’s brilliant, and we get to turn the whole cockroach thing around and back into Milbury’s face. I love it!

  13. Milbury and PJ are training to be the comic relief of HNIC for when Cherry finally retires.

    I find it hard not to like PJ. He knows he barely made it as a player and beats anyone to the punch with his self deprecating humour. He criticizes himself much more than Canadiens.

    Is there anyone who likes Milbury? He is widely considered one of the worst GMs in the history of the NHL and is now the butt of everyone’s jokes. From what I’ve read Boston and New York say good riddance.

  14. Dennis, Latino Sports Legends is the site which contains more biographical information on Scott Gomez — which I forgot to attribute in my last comment.

    It’s a unique and interesting story which describes the struggles Gomez went through to achieve success in the NHL…

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “It’s an honor being the first Latino to play in the NHL, I’m sure there will more to follow” Latino hockey player Scott Gomez.

  15. Just one other thing…

    It is popularly suggested that cockroaches will “inherit the earth” if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war. Cockroaches do indeed have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates, with the lethal dose perhaps 6 to 15 times that for humans. – Wikipedia

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