Streak Reaches Four!


Now that’s some kind of season-opening road trip.

Four games, four wins. Success in Toronto, Boston, Ottawa, and a tidy 3-2 win in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Road bonding. Kanata nightlife. Four goals during the stretch for new captain Max.

Now it’s the friendly confines of the Bell Centre on Thursday where this 2015-16 edition of the Canadiens will be introduced before tackling the visiting Blueshirts, who at this moment are considering calling in sick.

Zack Kassian, presumably watching this unfold, must be feeling lousy. He’s missing all this good stuff, and we could’ve used him to smash Chris Kreider’s ribs into bone dust.

And the game in Pittsburgh? Two goals by captain Max, beginning with the opener in the first frame after some nice work by Brendan Gallagher to get the puck over, and with Tomas Plekanec causing fine havoc in front.

The Pens would even things in the second after Nathan Beaulieu was caught at the enemy blueline, allowing Beau Bennett to skate in. (I hadn’t realized that parents named their kids ‘Beau’ nowadays, but apparently they do. They don’t seem to call them ‘Dennis’ though.)

But then it happened (in the game, not the kids’ names). Not only did Max’s second goal put his team ahead again, it was also on the power play of all things. A power play that was nicely quarterbacked by Jeff Petry. A power play that went 1/2 on the night and now stands at 2 for 16. Maybe Petry is the key to untangling this mess.

That’s one small step for the power play, one giant leap for mankind. Or something like that.

Later in the second, a bit of a deflection from far out fooled Carey Price, and the game was tied once again. It’s weird to type that – “from far out fooled Carey Price.” 

But we forgive him. And we’ll probably forgive him two or three more times this season.

The Canadiens won it in the third period after a broken play saw Dale Weise miss David Desharnais with a long stretch pass, but wee DD hustled to the corner, grabbed the elusive biscuit, and sent it to newcomer Tomas Fleischmann who made no mistake. And which kept the beauty of a streak alive and well..

A fine win, capped off by Price robbing Sidney Crosby with just 2:17 left in the game.

What a start to the season, and they have a chance to extend it to five in front of a rip roaring Bell Centre crowd on Thursday.

Again, Zack can’t be feeling great about this. It must be like being locked in a room while your buddies are splashing in the pool with Playboy bunnies.

Random Notes:

Pittsburgh outshot Montreal 33-30.

Everyone on the team has at least a point, except for Tom Gilbert, Alexei Emelin, and Devante Smith-Pelly. Max leads the team with 6, while Markov, P.K., and Galchenyuk sit at 4.

This, from Mike McKim on Facebook –

Knock, knock,
Who’s there?
Foreign who?
FOUR and OH!




12 thoughts on “Streak Reaches Four!”

  1. And the Habs have scored first in four straight, plus this year they’ve decided to play the first period!

    Eight points the first week in October are money in the bank come March! Keep it up!

  2. That’s something I didn’t clue in to, Mike. Scoring first in each of the games. We all complained about the lack thereof last year, so it’s a great thing to see. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Hi Derry. But we’re not greedy, right? We only want a ten or eleven game win atreak. Then lose one and do it all again.

  4. Hey Dennis, Don’t know if you saw this stat on TSN last night but the Habs started out 4-0 in three seasons and in each of these years won the Stanley Cup. Just saying!!!!!!!!

  5. Excellent stat, Jim. Although I already knew they would win it all this year. You know it too, right?

  6. In case anyone needed another reason to cheer the Blue Jays. Their success and that of the Canadiens are tied together.

    1985 Blue Jays ALCS finalists, 1986 Canadiens Stanley Cup champions

    1989 Canadiens Stanley Cup finalists, 1989 Blue Jay ALCS finalists

    1992 Blue Jays World Series champions, 1993 Canadiens Stanley Cup champions, 1993 Blue Jays World Series champions

    Since the Jays have clinched their spot in the 2015 ALCS, I think we’re guaranteed a place in the 2016 Stanley Cup finals. And if they win the World Series, the Cup is ours.

  7. This is the year, Christopher. Although the sports results in Back to the Future predicted the Cubs in 2015. Hope you saw the Jays game 5. What an incredible seventh inning. And the Habs? When was the last time, if they can handle the Rangers, they went 5-0 out of the gate? This is a fine team with four good lines. And Go Jays!

  8. Dennis. Just heard on the TV minutes after I read your thought about the last time they were ever 5-0 out of the gate,,,,,,,never happened, They will make Hab history tonight with a win. You would think with all those great teams one of them could start the season with 5 straight wins.Just doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. But I guess ties must have been part of that equation. JW.

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