Habs Stop The Skid By Beating Detroit. And My Theory Of Why.

A giant piano has been lifted ever-so-slightly off the backs of the Canadiens after a reasonably solid 3-1 win over the Detroit Red Wings, of all people. Can’t beat the Islanders and the Hurricanes, but of course the Wings.


That’s the Montreal Canadiens. Full of surprises.


But I think it’s not a surprise. I think the team banded together after the Ryan O’Byrne goal-on-his-own-net nightmare, and they saw the media and bloggers giving it to their teammate, and whether they knew it or not, it took their chemistry to a whole new level. It’s like they feel it’s them against the world now.


This is my theory. We’ll see how they play Friday in Washington, and then against the Sabres back home on Saturday. If they don’t play great, then please disregard the theory.




Not to pour cold water on this big night, but when is Alex Kovalev going to score? It’s eleven games now without a goal. I don’t want to see this guy traded. I want him to create some magic like he did last year. And on his DVD.

If this enigma ever gets going, then just watch the Habs take off.


The Kostitsyn boys, especially Sergei, are also stuck in neutral. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sergei is being considered for demotion to Hamilton.


Ryan O’Byrne gave the puck up to Johan Franzen, then let the guy do a little dipsy-doodle on the big defenceman for Detroit’s only goal, which, of course, ruined Carey Price’s shutout bid. 

I wonder if O’Bryne is thinking he should’ve stayed in school and got a job where ten million people don’t watch you screw up when you’re working.


4 thoughts on “Habs Stop The Skid By Beating Detroit. And My Theory Of Why.”

  1. I really hope Sergei stays with the big club. I love what he brings to the team and if he, lang and x(name of random 3rd liner of the moment) ever get clicking, watch out!

    Of course, I (and I’ve seen posters at other sites mention this too) would love to see him get some time on a line with Koivu and Tanguay. In fact, if Tanguay is out for any amount of time perhaps we’ll get to see Sergei on the Captain’s line? Not to take anything away from T Kos. impassioned game last night of course.

  2. I agree. Give Sergei some quality time with a big line and it just may pull him out of this. He was really good last year and there’s no reason why he can’t be again.
    Thanks for that.

  3. My theory behind Canadians win against detroit was because of the similar style in play. Montreal is a team that playes north-south tactics just like detroit. Compared to the rest of the Eastern teams who try to stop them and not play much offence. Most eastern teams try to break down the oponents offence instead of gunning for goals like detroit and montreal (who prefer that style).

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