Stop The Madness

The issue of having a bilingual coach in Montreal is picking up steam and this needs to be derailed quickly before it gets out of hand and the whole thing turns into circus proportions.

Forget the politics. The team climbing out of the depths of medicrity is what everyone needs to focus on. Not whether the coach says oui or yes.

A hockey fan where I work told me yesterday that this bilingual coach thing is the biggest reason why the Habs turn him off so much. I understand this.

And from, these comments from Geoff Molson. It seems Randy Cunneyworth needs to either learn French quickly or be ready to make way.

MONTREAL – Team owner, President and CEO of the Montreal Canadiens, Geoff Molson, made the following comments Monday on the head coaching change over the weekend.

“On Saturday, our general manager Pierre Gauthier made a coaching change and named Randy Cunneyworth interim head coach of the Montreal Canadiens until the end of the 2011-12 season.

This important decision was made with the objective of giving the team a much-needed spark after disappointing results since the start of the 2011-12 season. We are responsible for providing our fans and partners with a winning team and believe that this move will contribute to improve the overall performance of our team and produce positive results this season. The action was taken to remedy the situation without further delay.

Randy Cunneyworth is a qualified and experienced coach who has earned the respect of the players and everyone within the organisation and he was ready to take over the responsibility of head coach. As Pierre Gauthier indicated, the head coaching position will be revaluated at the end of the season and, at that time the selection process will be carefully planned.

Although our main priority remains to win hockey games and to keep improving as a team, it is obvious that the ability for the head coach to express himself in both French and English will be a very important factor in the selection of the permanent head coach.

Like all our fans we hope for the Montreal Canadiens to be among the top teams in the NHL and we are doing everything we possibly can to win.

We would like to thank all our fans for their understanding.”




24 thoughts on “Stop The Madness”

  1. Hey …He is the “interim” coach for the next 4 -5 months ….Randy may not be the choice at seasons end…

    Whats he to learn french over the next few weeks to converse to the media …

    They are nuts in Quebec …..Its no wonder the rest of Canada and the world shake their heads and laugh at them….

    The management of the Habs is crazy … I am sure Jacque Martin is glad to get the hell out of it and go back to coaching in the rest of North America somewhere…..

  2. Many will always demand more French in Montreal. They’re not even Canadiens or hockey fans, they just want Montreal to be more French. The true fans just want to win. Everything else being equal, they would prefer that the coach speak French, and even better a Quebecois. Same goes for captain, alternates, assistant coaches, trainer and stick boy.

  3. Anyone claiming to dislike Montreal teams because of bilingual issues is just making excuses. They don’t want to admit that the Canadiens are the best team in the history of hockey and they would prefer to follow underdog losers. Not liking them for this reason is lamer than blaming the Canucks for the riots in Vancouver last spring.

  4. The main thing Habs fans want right now is a coach who can right the ship and take this team to victory – regardless of what language he speaks.

    Geoff Molson should hire that legendary Korean ice hockey coach:

    Win Sum Soon

  5. There was one guy who went on about this somehow being a violation of our Bill 101 law. Then there is a separatist group in Quebec that is asking for the province to boycott Molson Products. On top of that, Pauline Marois said in an interview that the Habs should require all their players to learn French.

    Living in Quebec can be a real big pain in the ass sometimes. I love this province but the politics completely ruin it. The French come off as paranoid, delusional, and when they pull stuff like this people laugh at them. They make themselves look stupid.

    I understand what the team means to them and I understand the wanting a bilingual coach (which I don’t mind sometimes but does it ever hinder us) but you’d think that management has created the worst sin in history. It’s also funny how they love to shit all over the English..but that’s a post for another time.

    If we go on a losing streak, oh boy watch out. If we go on a winning streak watch how some of this outrage will die down.

    God this province drives me up the wall. I wish I had moved away many years ago. The people of Quebec are pretty good overall, but the politics can make this place hell on Earth for no good reason!

  6. Darth, Imagine of they made all the players learn French. No one in the league would want to play there. I also believe that even if they went on a win streak, this will still continue.
    You could also move to the West Coast. I did it. When I was living in Ottawa my wife and I got itchy feet and I gave up a good job, left friends and family, and us and the kids moved to Calgary just to try somwething new. Later on I moved to Powell River and gave up a good job again. I moved this time for slightly different reasons, but anyway.

  7. Chris, I think for many out here on the coast, the language situation is just the biggest of several reasons why they’re not Habs fans.

  8. Does anyone seriously believe that Molson would get rid of Cunneyworth as coach IF (and I know that’s a big if) he won the Cup this year?

    No way.

    So while speaking both languages is important and desireable, winning is the most important thing of all. At least to most fans.

    I am convinced of this.

  9. Danno, the French media won’t let up, win or lose. At least I think that’s how it will play out. Definitely, winning is everything. But I think these guys like to stir things up anyway.

  10. Dennis, CTV Montreal is conducting a survey right now.

    Should the coach of the Canadiens be bilingual? Yes or No?

    Results at the present time are 72% No and 28% Yes.

    This might be due to the fact this is an English language site, but maybe not. I think the Quebec media may not truly reflect how people feel.

    It would be interesting to see the results if RDS ran a similar poll.

  11. If Cunnyworth won the Cup he would probably shut up about 90% of the people freaking out right now. There will always be some a-hole who will complain though. You can bet on it.

    A few years ago on the news there was this guy interviewed on English news and his hobby was going around with a camera and taking pictures of store signs that broke the law..meaning there was English on them. Or the English was “too big” on the sign. The fool had a big box of photos and kept sending them off to the Language Police. I bet right now he’s one of the biggest complainers right now.

    This has just made Quebec look really dumb. It’s a shame because there are some very nice people here who don’t deserve being lumped in with this (French and English people).

    Dennis, I should have moved years ago. It’s kind of hard to do so now (for a variety of reason). I do know if I ever win big I will definitely move. Heck if I can find a good job I would. 🙁

  12. Sorry Dennis but I disagree that this is a serious issue with the media, the fans or even the haters. I think mostly the media started by reporting that there are some people making a fuss. Then people blow the reporting out of proportion which is then reported as a major issue. People will always find something to complain against. This happens to be the issue de jour.

    I agree that some in the media and some fans have a legitimate minor beef in that they can’t speak and listen to the coach in the local and their native language. Using English isn’t the most convenient for them, but anyone who wants a career reporting anything above pee-wee is already fairly proficient in English. This is why Cunneyworth really doesn’t need French lessons, a few words to show that he cares is enough. No professional reporter wants to waste their precious few minutes of interview time listening to him butcher French.

  13. leaf fan is right………. it is the embarrassing part of being a habs fan. i really wonder if it is worth the trouble…………… quebec nationalism is racist, politically incorrect and destructive to all. where else in the FREE world could a retarded idea like the language police flourish? no where. you must go to a country ravaged by totalitarianism, north korea, iran the former soviet union. how disgusting to have let this happen in a country that in almost every other way is the best country in the world…………. maybe the habs can relocate…………to orillia……….. this must be why leaf fan insists on riding in the back of the bus.

  14. From the back of the bus Leaf fan yells ….Please hobo not Orillia …Its enough dealing with those government nerdy fans in Ottawa…..

    Habs played a pretty good game in Boston…A lot better than everyone else who the Bruins hammer lately ..but I guess a loss is a loss….

    Montreal has to create a system for developing coaches out of the numerous francphone coaches in the Quebec junior league..I mean they are right in their backyard for goodness sake….

    p.s The Leafs and Habs are going to regret the day they let Ottawa get Kyle Turris ..22 yrs old ,200 pounds,a centre picked 3rd overall in the draft.. Freaking Ottawa has me worried the way they seem to be on a fast track rebuild …..

  15. Leaf Fan, Orillia would be perfect. Although the arena is almost condemned now, but there’s brand new one with seating for maybe 1000!

  16. No No guys… nerdy is an Ottawa fat ass government Fan..very annoying let me tell you…I must be jealous of their fat pensions at our expense….

    There building a 19000 seat stadium north of Toronto…now wouldn’t that piss off Quebec city fans if Pheonix went their..

  17. I hope they hire the best coach they can possibly find, whether he (or she — now that would be cool) be bilingual, trilingual or unilingual, that is only speaks French or English. But he/she has to be the BEST to direct the BEST team in history!

    Look at last year’s playoff coaches, who were they?

  18. Its bullshit. Canadiens have fans across canada and north america and who cares. It is more important that the players understand him. Some people and someorganizations in Quebec need to take a swallow and respect us. Not all Quebecers feel that way I understand but lets be realistic here. I want the habs to win. If a French speaking Canadian moved next door I would domy best to understand her (preferably) but I wouldn’t get personal like demanding she learn french. It’s none of my business!! And if Cunneyworth is the answer,I hope they re-hire him and fuk those ‘certain’ separatist Quebecers who disagree.

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