Stewart Up, Sergei Down

Sergei Kostitsyn, one of several poster boys for the many ailments of the Montreal Canadiens, has been sent down to the Hamilton Bulldogs and Gregory Stewart has been called up.

This is phase two of hopefully a bunch of phases to turn the good ship Habs around before playoff time. The acquiring of Mathieu Schneider was phase one, of course.

What will phase three be?

3 thoughts on “Stewart Up, Sergei Down”

  1. There’s a story going around on the French radio show, (730 AM), from ex-coach Jean Perron no less, that Sergei was enjoying the nightlife in Montreal just a tad too much. Along with? Chris Higgins and Carey Price.
    Looking at their play, this doesn’t seem too farfetched.
    In my opinion, it’s about farking time that little Sergei gets to ride the bus. The same for Carey. We can’t send Higgins down, but I’m sure we could sit his ass down on the pine for a bit. Hell, we were winning when he was out of the line-up, so I don’t think we could do much worse.

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