Step It Up David


Just can’t wait for the Red/White Habs game at the Bell on Saturday. Five bucks to see some Habs hockey. Five bucks to help rebuild the damage done by a runaway train in Lac-Megantic. Five bucks and I get to hang out with Darth and Lydie.


And I sure hope David Desharnais, if he plays, lights it up, gets some cheers and smiles, and is off the hook until Sunday.

Desharnais signed a new contract last year, proceeded to have a mediocre year, and now the noose is tightening.

Another poor year from the guy and townsfolk will be marching toward his house with torches. It’ll be almost as bad as the Gomez thing. Is that possible?


I think he should be allowed one bad year without 20 million Habs fans ready to string him up. Give him 30 more games. If’s he’s still mediocre by then, I can show you some rope knots I learned at BC Ferries.

It wasn’t horribly bad for DD last season, just pretty bad. He was sixth in team points with 28 in 48 games. But he was healthy for every game, so that’s good. Right?

The year before, when everyone loved him, he was third in scoring with 60 points in 81 games. (Max had 65, Erik Cole had 61). The big line was great. Worthy of the title “The Big Line”.

Then Cole left and the big line was no more. Desharnais got that 4-year, $14 million contract, had a lousy year, and now a whack of Habs fan feel Obama should concentrate on him and not Syria.

We need three productive lines. Which means the centres have to be good. Which means I’m cheering for Desharnais.











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  1. The good news is that DD’s production didn’t tank no where as much as Cole’s did who only ended up with 13 points. The 6 points in 19 games for Montreal was even better than his mere 7 points in 28 games for Dallas.

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