Ste. Catherine And Atwater

Between a goaltender being signed and coaches added and draft picks chosen and everything that’s gone on recently with the Canadiens, there are always breaks in the action, unfortunately.  And I know many of you check in here for recent developments, only to find that sometimes the newest post is about something from the past, which isn’t why you came here. But I can never stop putting the old things up, especially when new stuff isn’t happening, and also especially because I love the old stuff very much. Very, very much.

Below, from Kouli the Greek‘s photos on eBay – The Forum


10 thoughts on “Ste. Catherine And Atwater”

  1. I’m with u on the old stuff…………………….. Who is the pretty lass on the export cigarette packs?

  2. @ Dennis and hobo: Who was the Export “A” Scottish Lassie?


    Beginning in the mid-1930’s, Macdonald’s cigarette brands were adorned by the portrait of a pretty Scottish woman dressed in traditional garb and wearing the Macdonald of Sleat tartan. The model for this trademark was Betty Annan Grant (1914 – 2004), who posed for a portrait painted by famous Canadian artist Rex Woods. The “Scottish Lassie”, as she is affectionately known, was featured on nearly all of Macdonald’s cigarette brands up until the 1970s, and remains on packages of Export “A” cigarettes to this very day.

  3. and I have another question……. on the score clock , between the looovley lass ciggy packs, it reads, C-4 H-0. who is H?

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