Stayin’ Alive Canadiens

They weren’t to be denied. Not on this night. Not when the strikers struck, the blockers blocked, and the saver saved.

Lars, Eller, a force in these playoffs, got the ball rolling. Max came to play at a time when we very much needed him to, notching the Canadiens second of the night, using his feet to get the puck to Thomas Vanek for a power play marker, and he skated hard.

Thomas  Vanek scored that huge third goal and another as Tuukka Rask was on his way to the bench. And David Desharnais contributed an assist and saved a puck as it was sliding ever so slowly over the goal line.

Max, Thomas, and David. The three we needed in a big way. When everyone’s going, it’s a beautiful thing.

Josh Gorges and Mike Weaver sacrificed their bodies in front of flying pucks. Nathan Beaulieu, inserted for the game, played well, blocked shots, moved the puck, and assisted on Max’s marker.

Tomas Plekanec won important faceoffs. PK dangled. The fourth line, with Daniel Briere back, kept the pressure on in the Bruins end. And Carey Price held the fort as the Canadiens rack up an impressive 4-0 win to take this amazing and emotional series to a game seven on Wednesday.

It was as gutsy a performance as we’ve seen from Les Glorieux in this postseason. The lineup was packed with battlers, guys who believed. And when they skate, battle and believe, they win.

It makes my heart soar like not only like a Rufus-bellied Hawk-Eagle.

Just a solid night, although the Bruins had their chances, including a puck off the crossbar and the aforementioned Desharnais save. But mostly this was a night that belonged to the Canadiens. They kept the tempo high and the pressure on. They allowed very few odd man rushes. There weren’t nearly as many frantic moments around Carey Price as we’ve seen in previous contests.

There was no letting up, with only a few bad penalties such as P.K. holding a stick, and they got the puck out of danger constantly, which is much better on the nerves, particularly mine if I might say so.

As special bonus, I was invited to watch it with friends and we high-fived and cheered and sometimes fretted, and all-round, it was a wonderful night.

Wednesday night in Beantown. Game seven. It’s what we asked for, and they delivered.

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  1. Way to GO Habs!!!!!! A solid effort all around…….holding momentum going to the TD. Game 7 here we Go can’t wait!
    Let’s leave the bank with a Nice Withdraw ……a big win for the Les Tricolore

  2. What a game!!!!! Of course you had to know Julien would put out the goons at the end. Campbell went after Beaulieu at the end there and Beau pushed right back! He wasn’t going to be a Tom Pyatt punching bag for that assclown! Of course Iginla and Lucey went after Weaver. Wow aren’t those Boohooins brave?
    It really is sad to see the type of player Iginla has sunk to. He was always everything that was good about a Canadian player, now I have no respect left at all. But still, what a game!!

  3. Thank God! thank the hockey gods for takin this game this wonderful team who as MaxP said everyone did their part.. they played their game of speed and agility! Let the hearts soar like you said Kane! And I heard on the radio that the Bruins were back in Boston with less than 2hrs. A nervous team and no humility coming from their coach to wit: dig this remark:
    “In his postgame remarks, Claude Julien said his Bruins will win the series.”

    as opposed to our coach who said

    “Michel Therrien was content to observe that anything can happen in a seventh game.”

    Now that is realism speaking combined with a genuine undestanding .. of the game. It’s what Subbhan said also.And he also remarked laughingly, that game seven is where legends are made! and so they will!


  4. The Bruins represent everything bad and definitely not the least bit of class and skill. Why does Julien send out his tough guys during the last two minutes? The habs need to stay away from that stuff and be smart. This should hurt the Bruins more than the habs on wednesday. I love Dale Weise, especially the arm flexing. He’s not afraid of anything. He did the chest thump as well, but much better than the Neandrathal Lucic, who hasn’t scored a goal since his beautiful unselfish highlight reel empty net goal in game 2. He’s a fuckin pience of shit. I’d be very nervous if I were a bruin fan. And embarrassed.

  5. Some of the other commenters already stole my thunder–the Bruins were true to themselves, gooning it up at the end of the game with so-called “message-sending”. Needless to say, NBC’s announcers here in the U.S. were more than happy to defend them. Pierre McGuire in particular just about cried with every Montreal goal. I used to respect Jarome Iginla; not anymore. He’s become a thug, just like the rest of that team.

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow night; for the time being, I’ll just enjoy the fact that the season has been extended by at least two days……………

  6. The Canadiens weathering the blistering 9-5 attack midway thru the second was huge! I expect Campbell’s Daddy to continue with this 9-5 attack Wednesday, but because we are better, Les Glorieux prevails!

    I believe 24/7! GHG!

  7. One other thing–MaxPac is a streaky scorer–let’s hope that last night represented his catching on fire……….

  8. Moment of the night: after Markov checked Lucic, the camera showed Lucic and Marchand watching the replay on the Jumbotron. Marchand turns to Lucic and you can see him ask “did it hurt?”.

    What a team, what a team, what a team. Energetic, fast, relentless. And you KNOW they’ll play that way again tomorrow night. What will Boston do? Go for blood and risk playing disciplined? What ever happens Wednesday, quite honestly I can live with, however we have 17 goals and that other team, 15. May the best goalie win. To watch Boston squirm for 10 days is worth gold.

    Keep Beaulieu game 7!!!! If anything,give him the experience for next year.


    Interesting fact: you can squirt water on someone after the whistle and be fined 5 grand but if you squirt during a game, it’s half the price and some change.

  9. Great great game by everyone. Wow that Desharnais save was crucial. Every part of their game was spectacular. They have to convince themselves that they can skate as fast on Boston ice as they can at the Bell Center. They need to skate fast, forecheck hit hard, walk away from the goonery of the Bruins, trying to score and most of all be ready fot the initial onslaught (first ten minutes). If we can score first that will help greatly.
    Maybe others do not agree with me but I think in game 4 (1-0 OT) they were so focussed on forechecking that they were not trying to score, choosing to take wrist shots from far out and then retreating. Retreating cannot be in their vocabulary on Wednesday night.
    ALmost everyone i know wants Boston out of the playoffs. One Boston fan lamented “why is everyone picking on Marchand and the Bruins.” I answered “you gotta be serious, if they got a third of the penalties they deserve we would be on the powerplay for half the game.”
    “Iginla, resist the temptation of crossing over to the borg. You are classy. Don’t let them take your dignity away, don’t become classless like your teammates. Idiotic, stupid, dirty, whining, disgraceful, poor losers……. it happened to Mark Recchi… don’t let it happen to you…….ahhh i fear its too late.”

  10. Dennis, I was listening to the radio and Brian Wilde was being interviewed. He talked about Weise and you can read what he had to say on his blog. Here’s an excerpt…

    …”After the game, every media member had a different Habs guy to talk to and Weise was just standing there by himself by his stall. A packed room and he is just standing there. No one does this. They all get to the back room to avoid the media if they can. He just stood there smiling. I was in a Plekanec scrum listening to Plekanec talk like it was a pre-season game and Weise is just soaking it all in. About a minute goes by. No one is coming to him. I think surely he will leave. Instead he puts his leg up on the bench and widens his smile more and takes in how he feels. Finally Tomas finishes and I walk over to Weise and ask if I can have some time. He smiles even wider. I don’t think I needed to ask anything. He just wanted to share his love for the moment and his teammates and the fans who he just adores here. I don’t know if I have ever seen a happier hockey player.

    Now THAT is a player who is happy to play for the sweater. THAT is the kind of player that creates good energy in a room. Not a cup-chaser, a kid who DREAMED big of playing for the Habs on his driveway. A kid who’s dad still rooted for the Habs even though his very own son played for the Canucks (although I’m sure he wanted them to win as well). That, is loyalty. And in the end, THAT’S what matters most and wins you a cup.

    Dennis, it would be great if you could do a story on your blog about Weise — I just love him.

    On another note, what does “rope a dope” mean?

  11. Marjo, rope-a-dope I think goes back to Muhammed Ali fights when he would hang by the ropes and let his opponents tire by hitting but not hurting him. At least I think that’s what it is. As far as Weise goes, you bet, he’s a character player for sure. My problem is, I’m not sure I know enough about him to make a half-decent sized story. But let me dwell on this for a bit.

  12. Weise’s father went ga-ga when he was traded to Montreal. He told his son what an honor is was for him to wear John Ferguson’s number and the lore of Les Habitants.

    If TSN690 has an archive of “Two Minutes With…,” it’s a great interview. I would build a team around the likes of Weaver and Weise.

    Did you see Weaver mock Lucic when he flexed his muscles? Awesome!

  13. Well Ian I think our TEAM answered your question from yesterday——-this TEAM HAS CHARACTER! A real gutsy game by all our guy’s, just like the games against Detroit & Chicago. Just another sixty minute repeat of last night. 25 is still alive!!
    les Canadiens sont la !!!!!!

  14. Character galore Mike. All through the lineup. Bergevin picked up some beauties this year.

  15. Just gotta keep the pedal to the metal, Leaf Fan. We have great hopes and dreams.

  16. Weise is awesome. A huge part of the makeup of this team. Peter Hab’s been his biggest fan since he arrived from Vancouver. He knew.

  17. Good point Frank. Sometimes we see them not completely zoned into scoring, taking shots from well out, not driving hard. Maybe you’re right, they were so focused on forechecking that scoring went on the backburner. Iginla has truly become an asshole like the rest of them. And why is everyone picking on the Bruins, that fan asked? Because they’re the Bruins, they bring it on themselves. If the refs called every infraction Marchand makes in every game, he’d be in the box for about 40 minutes a game. But for some reason, the zebras don’t bother. It’s hard to figure.

  18. DK, well a guy who also consumed Four Aces & Old Sailor should know what he speaks about! Oh & lets not forget Brights 67!

  19. Marjo, truly interesting why one was a $2500 fine and the other double. The Bruins somehow often avoid harsher penalties. Maybe it’s because Campbell’s old man is an NHL bigshot.

  20. William, a week or two ago when Subban was beginning his wonderful play, I mentioned that legends are made from performances in the playoffs like that. Not that PK reads my blog, but it is cool that he said something similar.

  21. Agree D-John. Iginla has bought into the bullshit. Another reason why I hope he never hoists the Cup as a Cup chaser.

  22. Last night was absolutely a character win. I’ll add this: For all of our excitement about the pickup of Tomas Vanek (and he’s been a big part of this mini-run by the Habs), it’s been the pickup of Dale Weise (who just needed a chance to play) and Mike Weaver (I really hope that they bring him back next season) that have been keys to the team’s success.

    I still can’t believe that Weise couldn’t crack the lineup in Vancouver………..

  23. Scott, they just have to duplicate the fire in them that they had last night. Skate like the wind. Hit and block and play with passion. The series can be theirs if they want it bad enough.

  24. Ian, forget about the fact that the series has been extended for at least two more days. It sounds like such a cop out. Why not go for more?

  25. Dennis, I’d certainly love for the Habs to eliminate the Bruins tomorrow night, but for now, I’ll just enjoy last night’s victory–I don’t want to get greedy! 😉

  26. Dennis, isn’t the reason for the difference in fines because of the players salary? Shawn Thornton only makes a stipend cause hes f*ckin’ lousy so his was a percentage that equaled $2800 (half a days) wage) and the goalie for NY makes more so his was $5,000 (half his daily wage. All this accorind to the CBA. I think Price would have had a $25,000 if he were as stupid as Thornton.

  27. Mayo, you nailed it, except both Lundqvist and Price make more than $3.9M, so they would be capped by the $10K maximum fine permitted under the CBA.

    The big difference between the sprays is Lundqvist sprayed Crosby from the ice while the play was stopped. If he shoved his glove in Crosby’s face, it would have been ignored as part of the post whistle scrum.

    At a minimum Thornton and the Bruins were due a bench minor by NHL rule 53.3. And if it was any other team, Thornton would have been suspended for a game.

  28. I was very happy to see Beaulieu finally play yesterday. I just hope Therrien trusts him enough to play tomorrow. He got very limited ice time last night, the least of all players which is rare for a defenceman. I was worried that the others would make a mistake from exhaustion. Gorges isn’t used to playing so much. 9:30 the first period, 8:40 the second.

  29. Who was the coach of the Canuckleheads? I think I know why he couldn’t crack that line up….

  30. Christopher, why then is lundqvist fined a round number whereas Thorton something like 2830.52??? Is Lundqvist paid 5M/year and the other one $2,830,520? It’s so weird.

  31. Thanks Christopher, I’m going to save that link. I loved the coolness of Beaulieu. They way he handled puck in traffic. I can tell the guy is the future after Markov and Gorges. SO much character displayed last night. The boys will have to have energy early and often tomorrow night. The bruins will try to hit and hurt them early so they have to avoid scrums. Play with speed and skill and they’ll be fine.

  32. Christopher, you’ve been lobbying for either Beaulieu or Tinordi for some time now, and you were absolutely right.

  33. Margo, The CBA specifies a $10K maximum fine. The NHL wanted to fine Lundqvist, but didn’t think he deserved the limit, so they picked the nice round $5K. The NHL probably would have fined Thornton more if they could, but the CBA also has a maximum fine of a half day’s salary. For Thornton this worked out as $1.1M / 195 / 2 == $2820.51

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