Statement Sent In Fine Fashion

My heart is soaring like a Black-bellied Whistling-Duck.

4-1 Habs over that despicable team in Toronto. A statement sent that says speed, skill, and hard work prevail, and just because his team is “bigger and stronger” as Joffrey Lupul tweeted, it doesn’t mean a thing if a big portion of the team are lumbering oafs.

Leaf fans couldn’t wait for these two to meet in the playoffs. Maybe now they’re not so sure. And P.J. Stock said he was so disappointed in the Leafs tonight. Doesn’t he live in Montreal? And if so, why is allowed to?

It was a great night all round. Habs kick ass, they show they can’t be pushed around, and PJ is disappointed.

Best of all, we saw the Montreal Canadiens we knew and loved from earlier in the season, before The Great Slump wrapped it’s warty arms around the boys and squeezed out the vim and vigour. On this night the Habs were alive, led by Brendan Gallagher, who crashed and banged and scored and proved to Mr. Lupul that one doesn’t have to be big or strong, only to have heart and determination and a flair with the puck and a love of goal creases.

And it wasn’t only Gallagher who rose to the occasion. Linemate Lars Eller notched a goal and two assists, and he, like his team, played like the past two or three weeks never happened. Brandon Prust, nursing a bad shoulder, blocked shots like he was Josh Gorges. In the nets, Peter Budaj stood his ground and made the saves when he had to, and the television commentators who questioned Michel Therrien’s decision to start Budaj might not want to be so quick to jump to conclusions from now on.

The team has two good goalies, plain and simple. And Carey Price will show everyone that he’s back, the past while never happened, and was only a classic episode of The Twilight Zone.

A great win.

Random Notes:

I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of who plays who in the opening round. If this team wins or that teams loses and on and on. Maybe it’s easy for you, but for me it’s like some kind of nasty algebra.

Montreal held Toronto to just one shot in the second period, even with the Loafs enjoying the man-advantage. That alone made my heart soar like a hundred birds with long names.

Tomas Plekanec finally bulged the twine after a 12-game drought. Such timing. In the final game of the regular season with the playoffs about to kick off.

Jarred Tinordi, as he’d done Thursday in Winnipeg, used his big 6’6″ body and continued to do the things that will make him a regular for years to come. His big bang on a Leaf body in the first period set things in motion for Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk to set up Eller to tie the game at one, and after that the boys were off to the races.

Tinordi could be a big factor in the post season. His dad must be proud.

P’K. Subban was sensational in his old hometown, and to me this solidifies the Norris for our young star. We should ask PJ Stock about this and see how he feels about it. Maybe he favours Dion Phaneuf.

Tuesday the second season begins. Hey, the first one barely got started!


28 thoughts on “Statement Sent In Fine Fashion”

  1. Who we are playing in the playoffs is pretty simple.

    Boston and Ottawa play a game tomorrow night. If Ottawa wins, we play Ottawa. If Boston wins, we play Toronto. Overtime, shootouts don’t matter. It all comes down to the winner of this game.

  2. So sweet, Habitant in Surrey. I’m a happy camper up here in Powell River. And the best part is, the boys played like they did before and it was so great to see. Very proud of them tonight, and Gallagher makes me smile. Just great that they’re going into the playoffs feeling and looking good.

  3. Is Frankenpheneuf a coward or what? Cross checks White from behind then backs against the boards and looks around to see if anyone would go after him. What a pussy. Orr, did he get any ice time in the third besides that last 13 seconds? Carlyle is also a pussy. White, by the way, played a pretty good game and is definitely not a pussy. But PJ is, and so is Craig Simpson, but not Elliot Freidman who writes a great “30 Thoughts” every week. Great game by the habs lets hope there is more of the same next week.

  4. My depression is gone!!!I do not gloat ’cause pride cometh before the fall, but it was GOOD to see the Habs play hockey tonight, instead of whatever you call recent games. S glad White was wisked away in dying seconds of game–take the win and get ready for next game. I sure miss my Russian Train Wreck [Emelin]–would he have put Punuff in his place– on his butt sweeping the ice!! My son seen a leaf line up Buollion behind the net for BIG hit-Buollion turned at last minute and BINGO– a Leaf faceplant on the glass!! “that must hurt, why didn’t he slow down,must be embarrassing” Yeah I went to bed feeling normal again. However far we go in playoffs let it be with pride and dignity!! Was priceless to see Galleger nose to nose with one of the bigger meaner Leafs–sorry, nose to chest—and NOT back away.I don’t have to say ANYTHING this coming Mon in Leaf-land—the boys said it all from whistle to whistle–hustle and skate and hustle!!

  5. Big, big win for the Habs. Unquestionably, it’s the best game this team has played since the game against Buffalo where it clinched a playoff spot. It’s also the best game this team has played against the Maple Loafs in two years. And, isn’t it WONDERFUL to have a player (Brendan Gallagher) who clearly irritates the living sh-t out of other teams? For the past two decades, we’ve seen other players do that to us; now we finally have a player like that of our own–and, he can play a little, too! It was clear to me right from the opening faceoff that Gallagher was driving Kadri and the rest of the Leafs nuts. Good!

    Bonus of the night: Watching the CBC broadcast crew virtually cry on the air as their beloved Loafs got outplayed in every aspect of the game. PJ Stock practically had to be given an IV drip of anti-depressants while he was on the air. What a clown………….

  6. Dennis, please watch this carefully.

    I am sure you can do a far better job than the gentleman in the video. He’s not bad, but he’s not spectacular. And the Habs should settle for nothing less than spectacular.

    You just might be that extra edge the Habs need to go all the way.

    Mr. Molson and Mr. Bergevin, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone!

  7. Not only did my beloved Habs beat the Leafs, I also won a prize because of it because I predicted the score. Maybe I’ve finally discovered how to properly use my powers of prediction. Hmm….ok, Habs win the Cup. (Please let me be right).

    The Rocket’s important message:


  8. Don’t know if anyone caught it, but during the hotstove, Friedman was talking about Liewendyck losing his job in Dallas. Then, like a true bully’s dumber sidekick, PJ jumps in, saying “Hee, Elliott had this news and was scooped by Twitter! Hee hee.”
    Friedman turns to him and serves him his lunch, telling PJ that he, Elliott, never takes joy in someone losing their job. Stock shut up for the next five minutes.

  9. Ok Habbies you have the attention of Leaf Nation…..great speed game…

    Big mistake by Carlyle not starting leaf backup goalie…nod to Therrien

    I hated when CBC Leaf Nation crew had no option but to praise Gallagher over Kadri…I am sure the suits on Bay street will tune them up

    PJ Stock is told to support Leaf Nation or get sent to Timmins to cover Leaf prospects….

    To early to cancel the parade on Yonge street yet…

    Now who will meet Lupul’s Wrecking Crew.. Habs or Bruins …

  10. D-John, yes, Franenphaneuf is a coward and he’s shown it several times this year. Why would that lovely actress, whatever her name is, want this guy? And I’m waiting for Ellioete Friedman to come out in public some day about what an imbecile Stock is. It seems very obvious that Elliotte has no use for this guy. Michel mentions it in his comment about the Nieuwendyk Twitter thing, and I saw that too and noticed that once again, Friedman is losing patience. CBC needs some revamping.

  11. Peter Hab, they were great, and we see what they need to do. They need the kids rolling and solid goaltending and some drive and passion. If they bring that every night in the playoffs, they should do fine.

  12. They’re back, Marjo! They were excellent last night. And I’m sure a bunch of confidence has come back now after the slapping of the Loaf behinds. What a great night and all they have to do now is carry this sort of thing into the playoffs. Maybe Tinordi is quickly becoming an important guy. And what can we say about the Kid Line. We need that fire from them every night.

  13. Ian, they were focused and driven and in sync, and we’ve it before that when Gallagher is playing like that, the whole team picks it up a notch. I can’t stand looking at this Kadri dude and I hope like hell he gets tuned in soon. And PJ Stock – it seems every time I watch and listen to this guy, my blood pressure goes up. The guy’s an idiot, and everyone, including his co-workers, know it.
    What an excellent game. we didn’t have a clue what we’d see from them, and they came out and played an absolutely fine game. Really proud of them. And excited.

  14. Danno, I watched this carefully and although the guy did a reasonably good job, I felt there were a couple of things that he didn’t do. First, I felt he wasn’t extending his arm far enough to grab the sticks. He was almost waiting for the players to come to him. I would do this differently. He also stacked the sticks in a slightly awkward way, and this is unacceptable in my book. I also felt he wasn’t wearing the proper team jacket, like the one I have, and even if it was indoors and probably not that cold, he could’ve had a fedora on but he didn’t. I noticed that P.K. handed him his stick upside down, and if I was doing the job, I’d make sure to have a quick talk with P.K. about this. All in all it wasn’t a bad stick boy job, but I felt the flair was missing, and especially the arm extension thing needs to be worked on.

  15. Darth, when the Rocket lays down the law, the team needs to listen. Okay boys, win it for the Rocket. And good for you for predicting the score. Whatever it you’re doing, do it again. Was it a nice prize?

  16. Also, the gentleman handling the hockey sticks certainly does not offer those special extras only a skilled stickboy like you can offer. Like comforting the players’ girlfriends and wives. :mrgreen:

  17. Michel, I did see that and I immediately went on Twitter and said this guy makes me gnash my teeth. PJ is such an idiot. I’d like to know how much money he makes to do this. And I’d like to be able to read Friedman’s mind. How did he get the gig in the first place, and why is he still there?

  18. Leaf Fan, I wish he would go to Timmins. Either there or Vladisvostok. Last night was a perfect example of how speed and talent trumps thuggery. kind of like the Habs and Flyers in the 70’s. great game for us, and I know it has Leaf Nation wondering.

  19. Exactly, Danno. Even though the guy is probably a nice enough fellow, he falls short in many areas. The team will never be a true powerhouse until they get the stick boy problem ironed out.

  20. I just loved it when Elliot Friedman with total disdain shot down that idiot P.J Stock. P.J should be wearing those Depends underpants he wears from the commercial over his head so we don’t have to listen to his verbal diarrhea! As for HNIC central, if they are only going to be cheer leaders for Toronto then maybe it’s time for a change from the CBC network, after all the CBC is supposed to be the Canadian Broadcast Corp. not the GTA network! They should put Milbury, Healy, Stock & McLain in a box and set it adrift out into Lake Ontario.The effort shown last night has me pumped, they were composed, focussed and playing with a winners attitude, a great sign for the up coming playoffs. The future looks bright with the new kids up front and some good hard working young D-men. Ian, I take back my earlier post regarding Eller, with the kids he’s now got team mates he excels with, they have great chemistry together! It’s now onto the BIG SHOW——- GO HABS GO!!!!

  21. Re: PJ Stock: I understand his “purpose” on the network. He’s there to offer opinions and create some controversy. However, you can do that without being a complete, gibbering idiot, and he definitely is just that (a gibbering idiot).

    But, I want to go back to one of my original points, which was about Brendan Gallagher. This kid has so much heart and so much drive, it’s incredible, and the irritation factor can NOT be overstated. The same is true for PK Subban, so really, we have two players who get under the collective skin of the Habs’ opponents. Again, the value of that type of player (and they both have tons of skill, too, which makes them all the more valuable to the team, too) doubles, if not triples, in the playoffs.

  22. I find that’s the biggest difference between the CBC and TSN. If someone on TSN is bad, they get rid of them. Remember Domi? After he retired, he was introduced to the panel. After a couple of weeks, they took him off the panel and put him to introducing specific videos. He still wasn’t good, so they took him off the show.

    On CBC, if a guy is bad, they keep him (Milbury, Stock, etc.).

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