Stanley Cup Tries To Run Away

As you can see, the Stanley Cup has been handled by the Boston Bruins. Zdeno Chara shoved it into a pillar. Andrew Ference gave it the finger. Brad Marchand asked “What’s a Stanley Cup?”

Danno has correctly pointed out that the Cup is mad the Bruins won.

The full story is here – Cup Falls Off Table

11 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Tries To Run Away”

  1. If you look at the way the Cup fell Dennis you will notice it is fell in a southwesterly direction and is pointing towards Montreal.

    What can this mean?

  2. Well, considering how one player’s child took a dump in that bowl a few years ago, it might make you feel a little happiness today seeing the picture of our little Mr. Marchand eating cereal out of the thing. And all those Bruins players who drank out of it….karma. 🙂

    (However, when we do win it next year, let’s hope it gets cleaned big time first before they celebrate!)

  3. Darth, I only heard about the poop thing today on Twitter. So I Googled and found that Kris Draper’s little baby didn’t have a diaper on and she was in the Cup when it happened. That’s much better than what I amagined. I thought it was an older girl who squatted over top and did it on purpose. So I’m happy about the baby story. Still isn’t good, though. You would think mom or dad would have had a diaper on the little baby. I think Kris Draper shouldn’t have let this happen and he should have thought it out a little better. I think it was 1998.

  4. Truth be told, I could watch the baby take its dump in the cup and I’d still want to give that big beautiful mug a great big kiss. I’d probably still kiss it after after a Bruin touched it, but I’d make sure to bring alcohol wipes with me.

  5. The Bruins never deserved the Stanley Cup in the first place. Kissing Bettman’s ass may get you a Stanley Cup but it doesn’t mean you earned it. The Vancouver Canucks are the actual winners of the title.

  6. Christina, the Bruins got a ton of breaks. But having said that, I don’t think the Sedins, or Kessler, or Luongo had their best games in the finals. I want to to see a Habs-Canucks finals.

  7. I hated to see the Bruins win the Cup, but I have to admit they deserved it more. They played like they actually wanted it.

    I think the hit on Horton was THE turning point in the series. I think it lit a fire under their asses and just gave them that killer instinct. It still breaks my heart to this day. I do hope Rome realizes what a dingbat thing he did. I swear, I if I were a Canuck, I still wouldn’t be talking to the guy.

    Dennis – I believe we would have beaten Vancouver had we made it to the SC Finals. Which makes our first round loss even more bitter.

  8. Darth, we would have beaten Vancouver if the Sedins et al played the way they did against Boston. Living out here I saw quite a bit of the Canucks and when they were on, they were a great team. It just goes to show that the playoffs are a different ball game than the regular season.

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