9 thoughts on “Sprucing Up The Old Habs Bench”

  1. Dennis, you obviously have very high standards. It looked very nice to start with. Definitely good enough to sit and enjoy a summer day with a beer or two or more. The refinished bench is fit for a royal throne.

    Or better. If Beliveau gets a look at it, he’ll ask to borrow it for his seat behind the Canadien bench.

  2. Chris, the paint was peeling and it just didn’t look really nice. Now it’s sparkling.

  3. Dennis,

    Fine work.

    While you have the paint brush out why not wander down to the harbour and sort out that rather shoddy paintwork we saw on the fencing in a photo you posted sometime back.

    There’s no time like the present for those importatnt jobs! Cyclical maintenance, you know it makes sense!

    (I of course always thought you held the soft end of a paint brush to avoid getting blisters)

  4. Thank you, Blue Bayou. I’m hoping to someday win a lottery and hire a Playboy centrefold to paint my bench! There’s a lot of bending over involved!

  5. Darth, I found the two metal supports, bought some wood, and made it. Painting it was great fun but it needs to be protected from rain. So I cover it all winter or when I know rain is coming. I think it’s the best bench in BC.

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