Spotlight On One Of The Boys…..Mike

This is Mike. You see his comments on here from time to time. He always closes by saying, “Cheers from the east!!” or “Les Canadiens Sont La.”

I’ve known this fellow since around the time the wheel was invented. We were part of a group of undesirables known in Orillia as “The Boys,” and Mike was the only one of The Boys who didn’t have a place to live. For years he mostly stayed at another’s guy’s parent’s house, and a couple of others here and there. He also spent some quality time moving large shipments of illegal things one would smoke, into the Maritimes. And he used to wear a black cowboy hat over his shoulder-length hair.

Mike became a valuable member of society a long time ago and is a grandpa and a working-stiff and likes a beer. And he also likes his Habs. Loves his Habs. Has since the Original Six. Big Beliveau fan. He’s an elevator mechanic who makes just slightly more money than he did when he was meandering through the Maritimes.

And if Mike came across any of those hoodlums who torch cars and loot shops in Montreal after a playoff series win which will happen this spring, he’d kick about three of their arses.

(As a footnote, another of “The Boys,” Paul,  comments here from time to time, using the handle “Hobo.”  He was a great Toronto guitar player, and had a Habs crest on his guitar. Years ago I gave him a bottle of 99 cent Four Aces sherry as a wedding gift. We used to drink Four Aces with the bums down at the tracks and that might be why he calls himself Hobo. I’ll have to ask him about that.)

7 thoughts on “Spotlight On One Of The Boys…..Mike”

  1. Good to meet you Mike. If, in fact, I am the only Canuck fan you have met, then that’s ok…because I really am a good person. BTW, did you happen to hear about the spanking on Phx last night? Go my awesome Canucks Go!

  2. Hi Mike – Pleased to meet you. Beer, hockey and butt kicking hoodlums – you sound wonderful. Any friend of Dennis’ is a friend of mine.

  3. You sound exactly like my friend, Mike, which is pretty awesome, ’cause life is about being bad ass.

    And in response to Jan’scanuck house:
    What’s up with the Canucks’ gigantic ego? When will they ever learn that they WILL NOT win the Stanley Cup. geez.

  4. Hi Mike! Cheers and nice to meet you. What’s that bad-ass beer you’re drinking? Hope you’re doing fine.
    To jan’s – why can’t I help saying the Vancouver Cannots? If your team gets eliminated early we’ll welcome you as our newest fan, no problem. 🙂

  5. thanks all, I’ll continue to ride this one out with vim and vigor, just as you all have in the past…..

  6. Thanks for all the hello’s & by the way I had fine parents, it was just the thing to do back in the “summer of love”,1967. I also sign off at times with,
    Les Canadiens Toujours!!!

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