Speaking Of P.K.

A look at PK being new and exuberant and simply tremendous, and listen once again to whiners like Mike Richards and Don Cherry, who didn’t like this fresh, original, talented, exciting young star. Remember these?

Have a glimpse once again of PK in the beginning, when he was being himself, before he was made to tone things down. And thanks to Danno for sending this.


11 thoughts on “Speaking Of P.K.”

  1. I downloaded this last year because I love this video so much. We need this PK back. Martin needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

  2. What the hell is wrong with cammelliri? He’s turning into another gomez. Someone needs to suspend his business on the side and he needs to focus on hockey and not his image. We need more players like Nokelainen.

    This written with ten minutes left in the game just in case #13 scores, which I highly doubt.

  3. Mayo, when everyone’s healthy and it’s time to make decisions about the defence, they can do what they want as long as they keep Emelin in the lineup.

  4. I like Emelin too. Very gritty. Just disappointed with PP and Weber and Diaz. I think just minor slumps. Pittsburgh’s dominance tonight was embarrassing. When Markov and Campolli come back it will be a different team. Just a little pissed whatching this crap.

  5. and I’ll bet that f##king retard Shanahan is gonna give Max Pac about 5 games for the hit. The bruins have that high school drop-out in their pocket.

  6. OK, rant over. The OT goal was a joke and shouldn’t have counted. When MAF touched the puck, the idiots blew the whistle before fleury hid his buck f#cking teeth behind his lips.

  7. Mayo, it’ll be really interesting to see about the Max thing. He’s already said he’s feels terrible about it, and I don’t think it’s worthy of suspension. It was just a big hit, not a vicious thing.

  8. Ever since Mr Shanahan came in. Subban has lost his edge. He’s trying to play in a more mature matter and be more well rounded. That’s all good and well, but the old Subban is what the Habs need right now.
    Markov is coming back soon, so hopefully PK will find that spark in him once again when some of the pressure is off his hands.

  9. Phil, Markov will help but will he stay healthy? I think every game that he plays I’ll be thinking about him going down again.

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