Quite a dismal Tuesday night at the Bell Centre. Clobbered 6-0 by the visitors. Back to earth with a thud.

Dismal after the boys had come out in the first and went through several flurries where they peppered a guy named Jones and couldn’t score. Three power plays where even one goal might have changed the climate.

But Anze Kopitar scored with three seconds remaining in the first to make it 2-0, and it was the iceberg that sunk the good ship Habitant.

Goals three and four scored with Kings forward Kyle Clifford making himself at home in the blue paint and interfering with Carey Price.

A big and talented Los Angeles Kings squad sending fans out of the Bell Centre when the game was still in the second period.

Carey Price pulled after four goals on sixteen shots, although not completely his fault. Peter Budaj allowing two more.

Canadiens’ streak of allowing two goals or less in their last thirteen home games, stopped one short of the record of fourteen set back in 1968-69.

And they couldn’t muster even one goal on that guy named Jones.

All things that just leave a sour taste in the mouth. Like sucking on a lemon.

There’s only one thing to do. Remind ourselves that the Canadiens couldn’t continue to win every night. We wanted them to because we’re greedy bastards. But it had to end and unfortunately, it ended by getting slaughtered.

They went through a 9-0-1 stretch, hottest in the NHL. An amazing run. Proud of the boys for that. And now we put it behind us, move on, and watch them win in Philadelphia Thursday night.



27 thoughts on “Spanked”

  1. You say back to earth I was going to say a dose of reality. These guys would have lost the last three games if it hadn’t been for the play of Price. So in a game where Price was human we get a score of 6-0. On another vein does this game and the one against San Jose give us a true picture of where this team stands? It could be that beating Boston, the Leafs, etc has given we fans and perhaps the team a false sense of security. And it was great beating those teams but this team is still missing some key parts before it can compete with the real contenders, it would be naive to think otherwise.

  2. So true …a reality check for any team in the East Conference

    St Louis..LA..Canucks..Ducks..Chicago..San Jose

    Anyone of these teams would be first in the East…

    They are BEAST teams ..Big monster skilled forwards…

    Gallagher, Plekanec plus Kadri and Kessel on my sad Leafs are like smurfs

    Its no contest

    The league is totally out of balance talent wise…

  3. At least a GOOD team whipped us, instead of Bruins, Leafs, Sens etc. And maybe their eyes were opened tonite.

  4. Don’t want to overreact to one loss any more than I wanted to overreact to a bunch of wins, but darn, that was disheartening……..

  5. What’s more disheartening was to be at the game as we were. Great seats but my kids didnt even say yay once. The building vacated quickly.

  6. Says something about a team like the Kings when their “unknown” third string AHL callup goalie… also happened to be a Team Canada WJHC starter who was inexplicably not drafted.

    (Or semi-starter. At the very least, he was the guy who gave up the winner to Carlson in the OT loss to the US)

    Teams like the Kings are great at finding players like that (Toffoli was a second round pick, etc.)

  7. Toffoli played junior with the Ottawa 67’s with back to back 100 pt seasons….

    right under the Habs and Leafs nose…

    p.s….. PK should be on team Canada

  8. @dj, I’m still bitter. Especially when I hear radio folk saying lets just forget about that game. We were so looking forward to it. I hate to whine because we got to see a game, something others might not even have the possibility of doing, but to not see a goal, see the fans all get up at once, was a disappointment. Going to games is always a crap shot. In this case we got the crap. Bah Humbug. To top it off, I forgot my binoculars. We were in the front row section 200’s, so really good seats and great view but I wanted to stalk Pleky. All night.

  9. Marjo, the next time I’m making the wives comfortable and I’m chatting with Mrs. Plekanec, I’m going to tell her what you said.

  10. Can someone please tell me why Scrivens, the goalie for LA, who was not playing last night, was sitting in the hallway that leads to the ice at the Bell Centre (which was on the opposite side of the team) rather than on the bench with his teammates as our team does and I suppose all teams do? Did he have a time out? Did he smell? Was there no room on the bench? I don’t get it.

  11. Marjo, there was no room on the bench. The TSN guys were even talking about that during the game. How the bench wasn’t big enough. Pretty sad actually. I guess they needed those one or two extra seats.

  12. Marjo, there’s no room on the visitor’s bench for the backup goalie. That hallway is also how the visitors get to their dressing room. There’s no access from the bench so a player can’t just hand over his skate for sharpening while seated during a line change. But somehow all these disadvantages the Bell Centre gives the opposing team doesn’t help us as much as the ghosts in the Forum did.

  13. I don’t understand, Dennis and Christopher, this was forgotten during the design phase? How weird. By the way, do visiting teams in other arenas come and go to their dressing rooms on the same side as home team?

  14. Man. Is anyone watching the Leafs/LA game? A tight game and TO is out shooting LA in the 3rd with 5 minutes 35 to 21. The only way we got shots on them was during PP’s otherwise we could barely get in their zone. What does this say about us?? Also, I hate fights, especially staged however Nolan and McLaren went at it pretty good. Last nights game was a bore…oh well…

    PS. Did you know that Nolan is Ted Nolan’s son??? Wonder if Nolan Sr. will send Scott his way!

  15. They just didn’t design it properly for some reason Marjo. it is weird. It seems incredibly stupid but maybe there’s a reason. What’s even more stupid is in Florida where they couldn’t remove the protective wrap from the glass panel the other night.

  16. Marjo, the Habs have had a lot of games lately. They weren’t as fresh as LA, and I think the schedule caught up to them. LA has a good team but it doesn’t mean they can’t be beat. It was just one of those nights.

  17. I’ve been to games like that, where the home team gets absolutely spanked, and it is no fun at all. You leave the game thinking, “I spent all this money for THAT!”

  18. I believe the Canadiens dressing room and all the private amenities attached to it were so large that it didn’t allow sufficient space for a visitor’s dressing room under the stands on the same side of the rink as the benches.

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