Spacek Sort Of Speaks English

I read about Jaroslav Spacek in the wee hours at work, Spacek Wants to Turn The Other Cheek, saw that he was happy, healthy, and isn’t all that interested in fighting anymore, and that was that. Yes, there was a quote in there I didn’t quite understand, but like I say, I was at work, it was the wee hours, and I paid no heed.

But when Blue Bayou emailed me from England asking what the heck the particular quote meant, I didn’t have an answer.

What’s this about a school bus?  –  “I woke up in a good mood, I put my sign on the school bus and he was in a good mood and I decided I would come to practice.”

Please Note:

I’ve just seen another version of the same story where it says “I put “my son” on the school bus and he was in a good mood.” So one version online says “my sign” and the other says “my son.” The “my son” version makes much more sense.

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  1. Dennis, Spacek has another job as a school bus driver, and in Quebec you need to put a sign on the bus when you are picking up the kiddies.

    To save on gas he drives the school bus to practice instead of taking his own car.

    Hey. It’s not easy making ends meet on $3.8 million a year.

    Spacek has a great sense of humour as he demonstrates here during this post-game interview last Saturday in Toronto…

  2. Danno, really? He drives a school bus? What does he mean by “he was in a good mood?” The school bus was in a good mood?

  3. Dennis, it’s like sailors who always refer to their ships as “she.” A Czech bus driver always call their bus “he”. And they do get quite attached to them. Not unlike the way some people talk to their plants to keep them nice and green and lush.
    There’s a love between the driver and his bus. Like the deep respect a captain has for his ship. Like Captain Birds Eye and his magical submarine.

  4. Danno – Like me and palm trees. And my little kitty. And fish sticks and Kraft dinner. And beer. (Is ‘beer’ he or she?)

  5. Danno, what about le two four?

    Dennis, I think Spacek really said “he put his son on the school bus”. The professional media is paid to write, not paid to write well, for that readers have to come here.

  6. Danno,

    You’re out where the buses don’t turn as they say.

    There’s a kids animated series in this. The peace loving, bus driving Czech defenceman. Think of the merchandising.

    We’ve had Postman Pat and Fireman Sam over here. We’ve had Bob the Builder. It’s crying out for Jaro the something or other.

    Keep working on it.

  7. Danno, I believe la caisse de vingt-quatre is feminine because caisse is feminine, not because of the beer. A keg of beer is masculine in un tonnelet de bière.

    I kind of made up le two-four, but in my made up world it would be masculine.

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