Spacek Chooses Britney Spears

Every so often, as I mentioned once before, a tractor-trailer driver on his way either on to the ferry or off, will stop and hand me his copy of Canadiens magazine.

Which is what he did again yesterday.

And in this latest edition is something I feel you should know.

Certain Habs were asked, if they were wearing a tux on a red carpet at an imaginary glam soiree, who (girlfriends and wives excluded) would they want as their arm candy for the night?

Jaroslav Spacek said Britney Spears.

Mike Cammalleri said either Eva Mendes or Shakira.

Max Pacioretty, Tom Pyatt, Carey Price, and PK Subban said Megan Fox.

Yannick Weber said Charlize Theron.

Tomas Plekanec said Jennifer Aniston.

David Desharnais said Halle Berry.

And Benoit Pouliot, Hal Gill, Alexandre Picard, and Alex Auld said Mom.

When I look at these, I’m on the same page with Weber (Charlize Theron), and Desharnais (Halle Berry). Although I like the mom choice too.

Below- my choices – Charlize and Halle. When I own the team they’ll be invited to my private box so I can teach them about body checking.


14 thoughts on “Spacek Chooses Britney Spears”

  1. Hey Dennis,Great choices I might add,what a great addition to the private box you will have in the Bell Centre once you own the team.I actually get this magazine in the mail,Lynda got a subscription for christmas.when you fly back east this week you will be able to see the game as west jet has tv’s onboard.

  2. Derry, I’m praying I’ll see the game on the flight. I’ll have mt laptop so maybe I can even write my game report somewhere over Sudbury! And yes, when I’m owner/stickboy, if this private box is rockin’, don’t bother knockin.’

  3. Private box? Private box? Now how in heavens did you manage that one? Have fun and happy, safe flying!

  4. Thanks, Marjo. I’m just worried I’ll somehow miss the Habs-Boston game. But it should work out. I think. Somehow it’s going to work out. ONTARIO HERE I COME!

  5. Hey Dennis, I can only imagine what that would be like,when I was at the Bell Centre a couple of years ago ,all I got to talk to was Yvon Lambert,who was impressive enough.I hope you have a great trip,check out Liam Maguires pub,he doesnt own it anymore but when I met him in Regina last year he said they still call it that cause they like the name,I went there it was alright.

  6. It would be nice to take mom to a glamorous red carpet soiree, but she isn’t who comes to mind when I think of arm candy.

    I wouldn’t want Halle or Charlize walking beside me while wearing those dresses. I’d lose the ability walk.

  7. Chris,

    Can you really describe the garb of the young lady on the left as a dress? Looks to me like she just grabbed a chiffon scarf on the way out so as something would match her eyes.

    But then put what I know about haute couture and hockey together and you still have most of the back of the stamp left to write on.

  8. Play offs start tonight.!
    Well folks, we are in the play offs starting tonight, every point is like gold. And the players are responding under great coaching. ( (I still have a hard time saying that for some reason ) but what a masterful job putting this damaged puzzle together.

    Yes we have owned two floors of the Montreal General Hospital for our Hab’s war vets this year. But what a silver lining for the whole organisation. First off the coaches have had a very significant look at the total farm to evaluate under fire, who will fit and where come play offs as well as next training camp.

    The players from Hamilton have had an excellent opportunity to show case their wares. The chemistry and bonding throughout the two clubs (Hamilton and the Habs) here is very evident on the ice.

    I thought we would be in tough with one injury after another all year. But not the case, under Martin and Cunnyworths tutelage and Gainey and Gauthier’s management, we now have one of the best run professional sports organisations in the world again.

    I believe we will be playing in the conference finals this year. It won’t be pretty, every game will be by one goal all the way through, the J.Martin way.!

    We will play Boston in the first round, only thing to be decided is, home ice. We will take them in 6 games. They will try to play as physical as they can, but our speed and defensive style will be very intimidating.

    But like I said, this and every game forward is a play off game. We will peak at the right time of year again, no matter who wears the jersey on any given night.

    We won’t win them all, but we will be standing in June.
    ENJOY !

  9. Hi Ian.
    The season has been a success so far, and getting home-ice advantage would be a temendous thing. I don’t mind if the games aren’t pretty as long as they win.
    Great comments, Ian. I’m optimistic like you. And we have Carey Price. A win tonight will have the boys rolling when it comes time for Thursday to roll around and it would be nice if they were peaking with the playoffs around the corner.

  10. Blue, you know, it’s still kind of nippy here in Ottawa. I think I need to borrow a scarf. Charlize, can you help me out?

  11. Dennis, I love berries. I like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. You name it I love them all.

    But the Halle Berry is truly the most scrumptious of them all.

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