Spacek Back Tonight

Hockey Inside/Out has reported that Jaroslav Spacek will suit up tonight against the Panthers, while Alexei Emelin will watch from the press box.

It’s great to see another mainstay return to the fold,¬†especially an experienced defenceman, as we all know how Carey Price has been hung out to dry lately, and Spacek provides this invaluable experience plus the all-important character traits the team has been short of, it seems.

I’m sad about Emelin. He came here with expectations of being a thumper and a guy who can pass and shoot with the best of them. But, for whatever reason, not a lot has happened yet with this Russian fellow.

You don’t need to hear how much we need this game tonight. Unless you feel a big loss is the only way to get rid of the coach. So the questions lingers – how many losses before Jacques Martin is handed his walking papers?

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  1. Dennis there is a really big bit of gossip that came out today. Apparently Darche has been going to Martin behind everyone’s back and telling him what they have said about him. His reward? More ice time and more time on the power play. Bet you that’s why Cole is in the doghouse right now.

    Unbelievable isn’t it? God. Martin needs to go and so does Darche. Sigh. This is really shaping up to be one depressing season isn’t it?

  2. I was hoping Emelin would be better by now but he’s still adjusting. But he won’t get any better watching the game from the press box. He’ll be spending some time in Hamilton soon as Campoli returns.

    The rumour mill is working overtime of course. And who knows what’s REALLY going on with the Habs? All we know for sure is all is not well and bandaid solutions are not going to save the team.

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say Martin and maybe even Gauthier will be gone if Habs lose more than two of the next four games. And that is very possible given that the schedule has us playing the Panthers, Flyers and then the Bruins back-to-back..

    This would be a tough week at the best of times and these are not the best of time.

  3. Dennis,

    As the midwife said when she first caught site of me, “This has the potential to get very ugly.”

    I have too little in depth knowledge to really know whether I should already be on the panic bus or to wait a little and get a comfortable seat on the next one. But something does perplex me and that is the constant shuffling of lines.

    We kind of know who plays well together, granted it can’t always be a line of 3 but I don’t know why he can’t leave some of them alone this early in the season. Has this always been a Martin hallmark?

    I have no axe to grind with Martin, and he’s done a bit of this Hockey stuff around the place, but it’s almost like he’s making it more difficult rather than less for the players. There seems to a a tension between his “system” and the players strengths. It’s always been there but now we have a group who for a variety of reasons are either not buying into it or can’t deploy it.

    Last season the Caps had a God-awful run of games where the consesus was that Boudreaux was trying to adjust to less run and gun and a bit more defence.

    Perhaps there’s some of that going on but in the other direction. What’s not clear is whether Jacques is a bit like the Poet and Statesman Lammartine, who in 1848 is supposed to heave run after the mob as they swept towards the Hotel de Ville in Paris proclaiming” Je suis leur chef, il faut que je les suivre.” Is it all getting away from him. I confess I haven’t seen enough of the games yet to see if the system is still there.

    But the plethora of “too many men on the ice” suggests either confusion over who’s in what line or players tuned out or both.

    And the other thing is the one game on, one game off syndrome, which has also been a plague in seasons past. Last week with Buffalo and then Pittsburgh was a case in point. Why? It’s got to be leadership, both behind the bench and on the ice.


    Concerned of Hackney

    (ps the midwife was wrong I became a handsome devil)

  4. Budaj is in nets tonight, Danno, and if he plays like we saw him in preseason, it could be a rough night. Is he better than Auld who was half the money? We’ll see very soon.

  5. Blue Bayou, you nailed it. It’s leadership both off the ice and ON. They’re not playing even close to what many of us thought. They have the players on paper, but they play on ice not paper. And the other thing is, my sister and my niece were just in London and the word on the streets is that you are a handsome devil and Patti Boyd has been searching for you. Are you in hiding? At least I think they said you were handsome. Or maybe they said you were more handsome than Jacques Martin.

  6. Jacob Markstrom is in nets for the Cats Dennis. He’s the young backup goalie for Florida and he is off to a good start after two games, 0,959%, 1,52 GAA.

    Jacques Martin better hope young Markstrom over-indulged in Montreal’s world-famous entertainment last night.

  7. Darth, that’s all hearsay. And quite honestly sounds really juvenile (the story, not you). Someone squeals to the teacher about another student…

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m baffled about what could be the problem. How can we say they’re not playing for the coach? Look at last night, the games against the Leafs, Avalanche…They gave it their “all” didn’t they? At least that’s what I saw. Maybe we should stop looking for excuses and come to the realization that our players aren’t good enough. It may just be that simple.

  8. Marjo, yes they seem to be trying. But they’re not scoring, and from time to time, they leave someone uncovered who scores a big goal and we’re doomed again. Plus, so many ill-timed penalties, and so much juggling of lines that no wonder there’s too many men on the ice calls. Everyone’s confused and there’s very little chemistry. And who’s to blame for all this? The coach for some and the players for some also. I think the players are good enough. Plekanec, Gionta, Subban, Price, Max, Cole. These guys would be huge on any team. But they’re not getting it done and the answer is the old adage – You can’t fire 20 players so you fire the coach. This is all very unnacceptable for us as Habs fans.

  9. marjo
    i just ran all the facts thru the hobometer of responsibility and came up with the following numbers:
    coach and gm- 98.6% responsible for sucking
    players- 0.9% responsible for sucking
    shit luck- 0.5% responsible for sucking

    * accurate to within .5%

    don’t listen to the bullshit media rumours, when you have scientific fact.

  10. Hobo, I think your Hobometer gives the players too much credit. They’ve forgotten how to put the puck in the net.

  11. you are correct sir, they don’t put the puck in the net but it is not for lack of effort. i think for the MOST part they are trying. the hobometer takes this into consideration + or – .5%………. they will score when the machine is in sync and optimized unless there are 29 tretiaks out there, which is what it looks like these days……… u get my point.

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