Spacek And Cammalleri Out A Fortnight

It’s not quite the nightmare it could have been, as Hockey Inside/Out has told us that Jaroslav Spacek and Mike Cammalleri will be out for about two weeks.

Two weeks? This is nothing.Teenagers sleep that long in one shot. We’re used to hearing about players gone for two months or more, so this is great news I suppose.

I just wish the medical staff would give us a clearer picture regarding Andrei Markov. Is he back soon? Is he back in a few months? Will he ever be back? Has he applied for employment insurance?

Maybe no one knows. Or maybe they do and it’s not a pretty picture.


3 thoughts on “Spacek And Cammalleri Out A Fortnight”

  1. Vanhouse. I think he’s playing a lot of solitaire. I just wish they’d tell us one way or the other so we’d have a better idea of what our team looks like. To me when they say nothing, they’re saying a lot.

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