Sort Of Watching The Hawks-Coyotes Game

I managed to see a fair amount of the Chicago-Phoenix game at O’Shea’s on the Vegas strip, but I couldn’t hear a word of course. People cheered when they won a big hand at the tables and high-fived each other and it was all quite annoying, and the normal buzz of the casino drowned out just about everything. And the other problem was that women kept coming in with low-cut dresses on, so my hockey watching wasn’t as sharp as it could be.

You understand, right?

Phoenix beat the Hawks 3-2 in Phoenix, before a white out crowd which is nice but this sort of thing truly belongs in Winnipeg where it started, although I understand. The Coyotes are the original Jets, so I guess two white out buildings are fine now that the Jets are back in business. But only two. If there’s any more, I’m phoning Mike Milbury to fix it.

San Jose won their game in St. Louis, 3-2, and I have nothing to say about this. I didn’t see it because I was at O’Shea’s, remember? And frankly, I don’t really care.

The Rangers handled the Senators 4-2, and again, casino buzz, people winning, low-cut dresses etc.

And Boston shut out Washington 1-0. Could this be the start of another Boston run and yet another Washington flop?

So there you go. A not-so-fine recap of the games Thursday night. It’s not my fault. You know – casino, low-cut dresses, all that jazz.

Is Gomez gone yet?

And just for fun, I thought I’d put the following picture up. I don’t know if this is a doctored thing or not, but if it isn’t, it was definitely the guy’s last photo. And he was going to be that stupid, there should be serious repercussions, don’t you think? I just hope the little furry gaffer was okay.


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