Sorry, JW. Can’t Do It

My friend JW in Ottawa was for years a good, solid Habs fan and then, without warning, shockingly became a Senators fan when the city got a team. Now he feels his team stinks, big guns Alfredsson, Spezza and Michalek are all injured, the goaltending situation sucks, and all in all, it’s not good right now in the Nation’s Capital.

So he wants to know if we’d trade one of our goalies to Ottawa.

Not a chance, JW. We need both. You made your bed when you deserted your old team.

And anyway, all you’ve got left to offer is Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood.

36 thoughts on “Sorry, JW. Can’t Do It”

  1. Hey Dennis;The team you cheer for is the team you you started cheering for,no switching allowed.Changing teams that you root for is like giving up on your wife cause she didnt cook dinner one nite,ya dont do that.

  2. Derry, I’m with you all the way on this. No switching allowed. It should be illegal. Thanks for this. Maybe Lawrence will smarten up.

  3. Hey Dennis;I think if Harper hadn’t of given parliment a long break this month ,I would have tried to pass a law disallowing any of this switching that goes on.A six month jail term would be ok or maybe a years sentence to wearing one of those cat face shirts from the tim horton commercials.

  4. Being a Sens fan is its own punishment.
    First years of
    incompetent ownership
    being league doormats
    being knocked off by Leafs
    arena in middle of nowhere
    more Leaf/Hab fans at home
    more action in stands than ice

  5. Ottawa is a weird town, in case anyone hasn’t noticed yet.
    Before the Senators were reincarnated, the population was composed of mainly Montreal Canadiens fans, and Leaf fans.
    When Ottawa got the NHL franchise, those fans had to make a decision. Many remained faithful to their old teams while others defected to the home team immediately or waited a few years to do so. — at least until they stopped losing on purpose.
    That is why you will see (and hear) more Montreal Canadiens fans cheering on the Habs at Scotiabank Place than Senators fans. As for Leaf fans, well, they generally stay home now or only venture out to games with a bag on their heads.
    Then of course there are the extreme turncoats. You see them switching from year to year to whatever team is hot. Sometimes they switch hats even in mid season. I never understood them. One guy even went from wearing a Habs hat to a Sens hat when the Habs got knocked out of the playoffs. Can you imagine? Have they no shame?
    When the Habs play the Sens, it can get a little strange in some households. Take for example my dear mother and father. Dad is a life-long Habs fan, while Mom cheers for the Sens. There they sit on opposite ends of the couch watching the game — like two solitudes…
    And it pains me to admit, but one of my brothers — we’ll call him the black sheep — is a Leafs fan. While the other one switched to the Wings many years ago, (but at least he says Montreal is his second favorite team, so there’s still hope for him).
    I still love them all but, oye yoyoye!
    Of course I jest a wee bit here, but as you can see, Ottawa is divided in more ways than one…
    Dennis, I’m still working on converting my brothers into being Habs fans. Lawrence, there’s lots of room for you too.

  6. Wow, Danno.
    I don’t think I’d ever be able to live with somebody that roots for another team, yet alone a Leafs fan. Now, that’s what I call shame.

    If Lawrence does sit with the cop that sings the national anthem, I wanna meet him. He sounds like a riot. Plus, he’s gotta be more interesting than a Sens game.

  7. Derry, Phil, Chris and all good Habs fans – how can a good , solid Habs fan like JW and several others I also know, become Sens fans just because they got a team in their city. Picture this: – you’re a big Habs fans, loved Lafleur and all the rest, maybe even went from time to time down to a game in Montreal from Ottawa. You proudly wore your Habs sweater, and argued for them to others who were Habs haters. You just loved them They were your team. Then, one day, in 1991 or so, your city, Ottawa, gets a team and quickly you change your favourite team and now when Ottawa plays the Habs, the team you used to love, you hope like hell that Ottawa destroys the Habs. Can someone please explain this to me?

  8. Derry said: “Changing teams that you root for is like giving up on your wife cause she didnt cook dinner one nite,ya dont do that.”

    Well, how many of us have “switched” wives? I have, and I’m the better for it.

    Switch to the local team and you may be the better for it. Just sayin’.

  9. I guess it’s like owning a dog for ten years and having to give him up cause you have to move into an apartment,then you find a new house to live in a couple of years later and get a new dog but the old dog just lives down the street and keeps coming to visit but you just shoo him away.Finally the old dog comes to visit and kicks te shit out of your new dog,and leaves never to return…is that pretty close?

  10. A bit of a long quote, but great analogy Derry, more than just pretty close.

    Dennis under normal circumstances I don’t think it’s possible for real good solid fans to change allegiances. You may be given a pass if you’re say Denis Brodeur and your son now plays for the opposition.
    Could JW be Jesse Winchester?

  11. Does having a bird take a dump on your head count?

    But what I’ve noticed is that, if The Sens do good, they start cheering.
    But if The Sens do bad, like they are this year. They give up.
    Not like, us, loyal Habs fans, who stick to them through thick and thin.

    Be a real fan won’t ya?

  12. DK, Oh no it can’t be, He’s back. I thought you tossed him overboard as I asked! Lawrence must be just so tightly woundup it takes him several months to post and even then it’s rubbish !
    Cheers from the East !!!!

  13. DK, I think He’s taken far too much Mescaline & has never really come down yet,50 Valium @ 20 mg may solve the problem.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  14. Scotiabank Place and it’s evil parking lot is in the middle of NOWHERE. It’s not even in Ottawa! When we went to the Bulldogs game against the BingySens we were like “…ok…looking for Palladium Driiiiive…wait I’m way past where my cousins live (Habs fans)…now it’s fields and Ottawa is in my rear-view and I feel like I’m going to Petawawa–OH THERE IT IS”.

    Sens have goalies. Mike Brodeur is a BingySen dammit! Him and his stealing games thing! And there’s that 6’8″ kid. They got goalies, they just don’t know what to do with them and end up ruining them…so stay away from Pricey and Jaro before they ruin them too!

  15. Number31 is right. Scotiabank place is not even in Ottawa..
    It’s in the far reaches of Kanata. The team should be renamed. What shall we call them? The Kanata Janitors?

  16. Never have I seen a response like this to a topic on Dennis’s blog so you all listen now as JW speaks.
    Yes I was a Habs fans for all those many years. But as a fan of the greatest game on earth I longed for a team that I could live and die with in my own home town.
    I put money down early as a show of support for this franchise and when it was awarded purchased season tickets.
    Our home opener was against the Habs and quite frankly I wasn’t sure how I would react. But when Neil Brady scored that 1st goal and I stood and cheered my brains out the answer was obvious. I was a Sens fan above all others.
    In 15 years in this city I have by my own estimates supported this team in a dollar amount that exceeds 30,000. Why for heavens sakes would I make this kind of financial comittment and cheer for a team 2 hours down the highway because I was once a fan? Would you? I doubt it.
    The emotional high that comes with supporting a team to the end, win or lose is priceless. I did not jump ship. I went with a team that won all of 10 games that first season, built themselves through the draft and competed for the Stanley Cup. That window of opportunity has past but I look forward to the future years as we build again.
    I’m a home town fan of a team that plays in this city. Why would I be anything else.
    Cheers all!! JW

  17. Why would anyone want to be a Sens fan when the owners hate their fans and their city?

    As 31 points out, the Sens parking lot is pure evil. After a game, the 10 km of highway towards town become part of the parking lot. What should be a 5 minute drive becomes a 45 minute drive. And it’s not like you can go for a drink after the game to drown knowledge that the Sens suck. The only thing nearby is an automall and further away are some warehouse style stores.

    Oh and by the way Kanata is the original Iroquois word for village which eventually became Canada. See even the city wants everyone to be Hab fans.

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