6 thoughts on “Somewhere Between Montreal And Here”

  1. Yes, after his playing career he coached Toronto and Chicago. But the year of this stick, he was leading scorer for the Habs. And Bill, I’m still waiting for a happy comment.

  2. Just not happy with the management of this team. And for as long as I have followed sports, it is the most important thing if you are ever to have a consistant winning operation. In this sport Habs used to have. Toronto and Detroit for other examples as well were winning orgazizations, this one the best. Detroit changed ownership and they used to call them the “Dead Things” until the Ceasar’s Pizza owner bought them and they immediately improved and have been a top team for years. Ballard took over in Toronto the Leafs had won in 1967 and a few others that decade and Leafs never got close again. Ballard once was asked by Farber of Sports Illustrated, “aren’t you embarrassed that since you owned the Leafs they have become a losing laughing piece of hockey?” Ballard responded “of course not, I’ve made more money with this team than any previous owner ever did.” Steve Stavro a horseracing owner and sportsman who liked to win took control after Ballard and Leafs had a brief resurgence but then The Ontario Techer’s Union who only cared about the profit gained control and since the team like here always sells out couldnt care less about the players and hired incompetants like Ferguson Jr. as GM to follow their game plan. It may finally have changed when they hired Burke, we’ll see by his 3rd year, he’s been there one full season only but it sure looks like it is going in the right direction. Management is everything. The players come and go.

    And here at the last press conference of what I think was a phoney stepping aside by Gainey, he said, “we have been able to bring in a whole new generation of hockey fans.” Excuse me but since when does the GM even be concerned with that? And of course he doesn’t mention that in the last 17 years the population has grown larger and there no longer is a competitor in Quebec for hockey fans since the Nords left in 1994. And believe me they had many fans even in Montreal then. As well as today, there is cable and satellite TV and the internet that is another part of the reason this new generation or other generations is larger. Not Gainey bring in anything! And you saw how much Gillett made on the sale as value went up and ticket prices keep going up. This has been like Toronto run by people who only cared for the bottom line. Maybe, I think it will change here but we’ll only see it when Molson’s fires those incompetants who are in so far over their heads in the 2010 cap league now.

  3. On another positive note, tonight’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos was a repeat of when Viggo Mortensen was a guest. Both of them are big Hab fans and poke a bit of fun at Leaf fans. Guy Lafleur was his answer to best all-time Canadien although he said he should say The Rocket.
    http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/video.html?id=1321379112 It’s a fairly long clip mostly promoting his very good but bleak film The Road. The depressing people are compared to Leaf fans at 4:30. They have a short talk about the Canadiens at 10:55.

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