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“Hockey has always been a game of weight and power, and a small man needed a great deal of skill to make it as a pro. I believe that speed and skill are the best ingredients of the game. I view the Canadiens as playing a very fast, slick game but not being bullied by anyone. I don’t want hoodlums, but I do want he-man hockey talent to meet all and any situations, to be able to win by whatever means are needed.”

Spoken by Leo Dandurand on Nov. 3, 1921, the day after he bought the Montreal Canadiens.

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  1. I do what I have to in order to get by in life, for myself and my wife and my kids ( grankids included) and one of the joys I give myself is my love of the Canadiens. I follow them as best I can whenever and where-ever I am able to. As long as I can I will continue to do so. Perhaps that is why this seems so personal with Max-Pac. Earlier on Tuesday I was figuring that he had a chance to get twenty goals the way he was playing. Now a couple of days later we don’t know if he will ever play again. And the part that really chokes at me is the assholes who seem to take pleasure in it. I won’t lump all Boston fans in there as quite a few have responded with thought and empathy but enough that I wish I could selectively help thin their gene pool. It brings out the fringe people that have been interbreeding for decades and those that have a cruel streak they like to brag about. Those the world can do with-out. I have family out there that have to deal with these creatures that reming me more and more of something out of the TV series, “The Walking Dead.”
    Here’s to a prayer for the Pacioretty family and a hope that the team will get back on track very soon.

  2. Dennis, the $64,000 question will be what Don Cherry has to say tonight on Coaches Corner.

    I’m expecting him to fully defend Chara since he’s a big tough Bruin who just made a hockey play and all that jazz. Then he’ll go on to blast the police investigation, the design of the arena, and probably throw in a few words about respect and wrap it up with “I told you so.”

    But you never know, maybe he will come to realize there is a limit to such violence. Maybe he’ll finally understand that someone’s going to get killed one day.

    Maybe I’m dreaming, but if someone like Cherry came out with a strong statement condemning Chara and the NHL for what has happened maybe it will make a difference. Maybe it would help to wake up the league and save it from itself.

  3. Dennis, I had an idea the other day and maybe it’s crazy but I’ll share it with you anyways.

    And perhaps Geoff Molson reads this site from time to time and may like what I am about to suggest.

    Molson’s produces many fine beverages – which I have sampled on occasion myself. The company recently released a beer called Molson Canadian 67 which is a calorie-reduced beer with only 67 calories per bottle.

    I was thinking about Max Pacioretty who is number 67 of the Montreal Canadiens. And it occured to me that the brand name has significance which can be used for the greater good.

    Wouldn’t it be a noble gesture for the company to donate some of the proceeds of the sales of Molson Canadian 67 to the cause of fair play, sportsmanship and the movement against violence in hockey?

    In light of the tragic events which have occured to our beloved #67 of the Montreal Canadiens I see it as possibly being one more way the Molsons can continue to exert pressure on the NHL to change its attitude.

    We will never forget what happened to Max. And maybe this idea could help the cause just a little bit.

    A video promoting Molson Canadian 67

  4. Danno, your idea is fantastic! Quite brilliant actually. C’mon Mr. Molson, follow up on Danno’s idea!

  5. Danno, it’s going to be very interesting to see what Cherry has to say. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll come out and say Chara should have got a few games. But wouldn’t it be great if he did? I think this is actually a historic time, although it sucks it had to come to this. But Max just may be the lightning rod for drastic change which has been needed for quite some time now.

  6. Dennis, if Cherry goes bananas, as is expected, he further polarizes the debate and does harm to his own credibility — not to mention the NHL’s. It has reached a point now where the defenders of head-shot hockey must rethink their position if only for their own self-interest. If they don’t they will alienate the very fans who generate the revenue that keep them employed.

    It’s called damage control. Guys like Cherry can be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem. Without the fans the NHL is nothing and many the fans today are changing the channel and taking their sons out of the sport.

    Tonight will be a defining moment. Stay tuned.

  7. maybe cherry will Not side with chara because he is a, cough cough, european…………………. i don’t mean to make light of the situation but ya never know.

  8. Danno, you should write your idea to Molson-Coors. Geoff Molson doesn’t really have anything to with the brewery now.

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