Something For Their Walls


Bruins fans and Leaf fans and Senators fans and fans of other teams too, I know what you’re thinking  – that this is probably the nicest picture you’ve ever seen. You just don’t want to say it out loud to your friends and family.

But isn’t it nice?

Go ahead, print it up, put it in a frame, take down the Dogs Playing Poker picture that you’ve been so proud of, and put this up.

Make your house a home. Put up something classy. You don’t need the dogs.




5 thoughts on “Something For Their Walls”

  1. I don’t feel like a CH fan these days. I’m sorta in a slump. I’m feeling down about the way we treat our players. They’re not objects. They have good days and bad days like us. We leave no room in our hearts to accept that. Hockey is their livelihood. When we get up from the couch after a game, they don’t go into some closet and magically reappear for a Tues or Sat night game. They’re people. They catch colds, have spats with their partners, change diapers, do laundry and periodically tune into listening to Marinaro flap his gums. How would we feel if our every working moment was analyzed, ridiculed?

    I’m keeping the dogs up for now because I can’t reconcile putting an image up that is supposed to be admired. I don’t like the way we treat our Habs. After DD, who’s next?

  2. Marjo, I think it’s related to the money they make. If they’re not helping the team but collecting six figures every two weeks, they hear about it. Fans have a right to bitch about players, it’s the nature of sports and being a fan and a player. Players accept that. But it’s different when the mayor sticks his nose in it, or it’s non-stop on TV and radio etc. Fans have been complaining and analyzing and asking for trades and finding things wrong with players for 100 years. If the team isn’t going well, if they don’t look like they’re going anywhere, and rich players aren’t contributing, then the chatter starts. It’s up to them to get it going again and help the team. DD seems like a good guy, and we hope he scores soon. Like tonight. Maybe if he gets that first one, it’ll start to come. He’s in a dreadful slump and he needs a puck or two to find the back of the net. Soon.

  3. I hear what you’re saying, I really do. I think for me anyway, I’ve tired of this town complaining about every little move they make. One day they love MT, the next they want him gone. Briere’s been given no chance, we now are counting the games Eller didn’t score — bet he’s happy he scored last game. The club will make mistakes. We just need to trust that they are making the best decisions. And the Stanley Cup? I hate to break hearts but there’s no chance it will be here in 2014. We are rebuilding. We need to be patient and trust. Even Price. 😉

  4. Read a piece recently how even Scotty Bowman benched players and was a stubborn goat—- but he won how many cups? I just see a team with the weight of the world on their shoulders and not much pop to their game.I’m expected to produce at my job, how many people work for minimum wage for years in hum-drum job with no thanks and customers treating them like crap. Pro sports is way too greedy: BUT at their income they should at least give the fans {who foot the bill} a reason to cheer ’em on, And yes they’re human, but with even 3 players having a 1/2 nite, the rest could cover for them. I’m worried there’s something wrong in the room

  5. Players should be cheered/booed for their efforts. Their performance should primarily be used to decide their next salary. Unfortunately fans’ expectations usually follow the player’s salary, not his effort. It’s the team’s and GM’s fault for raising the expectations by overpaying mediocre players.

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