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Tonight, while at work and taking a break from giving my usual 155%, I read, on the TSN site I think, someone suggest that Montreal should trade PK Subban to Edmonton, straight up, for Nail Yakupov, the first-overall pick in this year’s entry draft.

The argument is, basically, that PK has way too much of an ego, he’s already been offered $2.75 million a year for two years in which he and his agent said thanks but no thanks, and that he’s going after big money even though he’s still maturing and hasn’t reached elite status yet. And the Oilers really need help on the blueline.

But to trade our PK for an unproven kid yet to play a game in the NHL? Maybe if Bob Gainey was at the helm it might happen. But I don’t think Marc Bergevin would do it in a million years. At least I don’t think he would.

On the other hand, having both Yakupov and Galchenyuk in the lineup might create some serious fire-wagon hockey.

Anyway, we’re all armchair quarterbacks and this fellow just threw the Subban/Yakupov thing out there for the hell of it. But it got me thinking all the way home from work.

I just wish PK would hurry up and sign and we move on to other stuff. Like lockouts and the commissioner and all that.




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  1. Why would the Oilers do that trade?…….. Glenn Sather, while coaching the Champion Oilers, once said, I like my guys to have ego and be cocky. We all know Sather is a brilliant hockey man because he traded Gomez and his contract. White people don’t like to see a young black man exude confidence in a game that white people consider their own. In politics, those people are called Republicans.

  2. For me the money thing starts to wear thin and I can’t help it being a turn off. Confidence is one thing but he’s very young and uping the demands for other players, too. Kinda like when a house goes up for sale on your street way above what anyone guessed. And this has nothing to do with his race, never has.

    Love, love, love my Subban but don’t want the ego-Camelleri type. How well does he hit it off with our players on our team, by the way. If this becomes friction in the dressing room, do we want a player like that?

    Just like he doesn’t settle for Bergevin’s offer, there’s no hurt in taking a good solid look at our options as well.

    Just a thought.

  3. Hobo, maybe the only reason they’d make a trade like that is because even though they have those great young forwards, they’re thin on the blueline.

  4. Marjo, I’m not sure how he gets along with his teammates. I’ve heard various rumours. For me about the money, I think he deserves a good contract, slightly more than the $2.75, but not a lot more because he’s still young and still makes a pile of mistakes. In a few years he can go for a big one but not now. But we’ll see how this plays out. And yes, we should look at options. There’s no hurt in that. Thanks.

  5. Then why didn’t they draft one of the available stud defence men in the draft and be done with it. Unless the habs throw in something else very substantial it doesn’t seem worth the effort or the #1 pick.

    NHL hockey is a business, big business. PK Subban, through his agent, who I’m sure said, ” PK lemme do da talkin’ ” is perfectly within his rights, and I dare say it is his swore duty to extract every last dime he can out of the corporation that is the Molson Canadien. I understand this offends the fatuous morality of those with altruistic concerns but the jealous have nots always seem to know how much the haves are or are not entitled to. If PK gets 10 mil. a yr., then that’s what he is worth because that is what the market says. It makes no difference to us anyway. I hope he takes advantage of the situation as it is now. If anyone thinks PK straight up for Yak is a good deal then he is defiantly worth more than the initial offer by the corporation.

  6. Hobo, I think they didn’t draft a stud d-man because they decided to go with the best player, regardless of position.
    The idea of extracting as much as possible out of the corporation is fine and all that, except it reflects ticket prices which have to be raised accordlingly, which makes it almost impossible a blue collar guy like most of us to afford to go to a game.

  7. Danno, I think Karlsson got a nice big Christmas present when owner Melnyk said the young fellow was going to be one of the greatest defenceman in the history of the game. I think that statement alone made for the huge contract. Karlsson should buy his owner a martini.

  8. I think we have a great crop of up & coming d-men in our organization now – Tinordi etc so why look elsewhere. I don’t think it comes down to a race thing, but I think Price should take him aside & tell him 2.75 is not bad for a first contract & when he’s matured & become the D-Man we all feel he will be, he will then be able to demand a much higher stipend! Most D-men don’t reach their true potencial till their mid to late 20’s & he’s only into his full two seasons at 23.
    As DK has stated he still shows glimmers of whats to come, but he also makes some real bone headed mistakes. If you can ever believe rumours he seems to have rubbed some teammates the wrong way, I say just shut the F–k up & enjoy the close to 3 Million per season & don’t be such a prima donna! I agree with some of hobo’s, Margo’s & DK’s points but what I’ve written above are my views!! Too many agents have screwed with their clients heads in the past to the determent of their careers, I hope this will not be the outcome of these negotiations!
    Cheers from the friggin too hot East!!!!

  9. I think we should care how much the players get, Hobo, otherwise one day you’ll miss the lousy can of Molson that was a petty ten bucks.

    PK’s agent is leveraging the fact that we didn’t get ourselves a blueline stud at draft time. Had we got one, PK would have signed a while ago.

    I hate that money and hockey are two nouns in the same sentence. I miss the good old’ days.

  10. They drafted the best guy so why would they trade straight up for Subban. Is he way better than we give him credit for? It doesn’t make sense but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. I take it as another unfounded media rumour like Subban being a dressing room cancer.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with ticket prices although the corporation will tell you differently. Under the salary cap the corporation is not spending any more money by one player like Subban signing for more than you think he is worth, just distributing what they have to spend differently. The player owes it to himself to and his comrades to get the best deal he can while he can. The owners are solely responsible for the situation they are in and it is NOT the player job to fix their boo boos. The corporation will raise ticket prices as long as you will pay and they certainly don’t give a shit about the blue collar guy.

    I am picking a side now and joining Christopher on the players side. If the NHL wants to cut corners and costs, get the fuck out of Phoenix, Florida and other hockey hot beds in the south. Pay the players accordingly with the market they created. Of course my main reason for siding with the players is that obnoxious little turd Gary Buttman.

    Why is it the only place I can afford an NHL ticket is in Phoenix.

  11. Mike I dig what your saying but it is not Subbans job to bit the bullet. He didn’t create this mess and should not have to pay for the owners mistakes and take less money than he might possibly get. He should not be blamed for aiming high. Again, Subban will be paid what the market place dictates and that is fair.

    I don’t care how much beer cost, I don’t drink and I’m certainly not interested in the common good of beer drinker’s beer prices.

    The good old days when players had to take summer jobs to make ends meet while their corporate masters bathed in Dom Perignon?

  12. Hockey hasn’t started yet, just think how fired up Hobo will be mid-December!

    Personally, I hate the money factor — in any sports. I don’t like the owner’s greed and I don’t like the player’s greed. Ultimately we pay for it all, the blue collar guy who has to fork out the bucks to get seats in the nose-bleed while the corporations buy out all the good seats to entertain their clients. So long as we keep coming though, they keep raking it in. In essence we hold the plug, are we willing to unplug. Maybe one day for me. That’s how sick it makes me.

    Weather was beautiful here in Phoenix today, what a coincidence you should bring it up!

  13. Actually the owners’ greed and the players’ greed have nothing to do with the price we pay. It’s the fans’ fault, every one of us who wants to go see a game. In real hockey markets there simply aren’t enough tickets to go around. Raising prices to restrict demand is the best and only fair way to do it. Anything else will lead to corruption and a black market where the results will be even worse.

    Prices will only go down if everyone stays home. Last season Toronto had an average ticket price over $120 while in Dallas it was under $30. As Hobo pointed it it’s not greed if that’s the fair market price.

  14. Well put, Chris. I’ll stay away from the venues best I can in the future. Besides, with wide-screen TV, instant replay, slow-motion (sometimes I do that if they zoom into a handsome face), cheap(er) beer, no line at rest rooms, better food, free parking and cuddly warm dog, who needs the shyster?

    Phoenix= friend. NY last month.

    Dennis, we need a before and after shot of you!

  15. Now the cost of food and beer in the arena, that’s just the owner’s greed gouging us. They’ll strip search you if they think you’re smuggling in something. The exact same beer is sold in a bar next door for half the price. OK, not the exact same beer, bars don’t water it down as much, have cleaner taps and experienced bartenders who serve it directly to you.

  16. I know going to a game at the Bell Centre can cost an arm and a leg and then some. Last season was a real pisser – I think they won one game out of the 4/5 I went to. Shelling out a fortune to watch most of them coast is one hell of an insult. Plop down cash for food, drinks (even Cokes cost a fortune), parking, souvenirs, etc and getting rewarded with a no-show really sucks.

    I think Subban’s problem is due to length of the contract more than anything else.

    I don’t think we should trade him for Nail. That would be a colossal mistake. First of all he hasn’t even reached his full potential yet, and when he does – watch out. Second of all, why make the Bruins happy?

  17. Darth, wouldn’t you think that a two-year deal now for PK would be perfect? All he has to do is have two good seasons and after that they’ll open the vault for him, pay him the huge bucks, and give him the long-term deal. In the long run, he’d stand to make way more money if he holds off a bit. At least this is what I think.

  18. Hobo, MT is going to win coach of the year. Of course there might not be a season, but anyway.

  19. Christopher, when I’m owner the beer and all the other stuff is coming way down in price. I’ll take a cut in income to make sure it happens. I don’t mind, considering I’ll be living rent-free in the new Bell Centre condos.

  20. Marjo, it’s now 12 pounds and I’m keeping the pace up. I can now do up my sports jacket, I’m on another loop in my belt, and I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself. Next month we’re in West Hollywood and I’m thinking the studios might fight over me. And all those starlets – I might have to hide in some air conditioned pub.

  21. Christopher, if everyone stayed home, how would they pay the salaries? We know they’re not going down. If they did, we’d have a strike lasting several years.

  22. Sorry Dennis, I disagree.

    If people stayed home, ticket prices would definitely go down. Of course we’ll never find out since people won’t stay home. Toronto has sucked my entire life, yet they’ve always had a long waiting list of fans desperate to fork over their hard earned money for the joy of watching their team be made a joke. The other Canadian cities expect a little more from their team but we’ll still show up.

    I’m also certain that if the league were really losing money the players would accept less money. But the NHL doesn’t have cash problems, it has equality problems because of idiotic franchise locations. If Bettman and the league doesn’t want to have any teams losing money there are a couple very simple solutions.

    1) A real revenue sharing deal. Instead of a few teams losing about ten million dollars, owners of teams that are raking in several hundred million dollars per year can share their local broadcast and attendance revenue. After all there are two teams in every game.

    2) Move teams to Quebec, Hamilton, another in Toronto and even possibly in Montreal, Vancouver or Saskatchewan. Fans there are desperate for the opportunity to fill arenas at obscenely high ticket prices.

    Until owners take the basic steps to ensure teams don’t lose money, any claims that player salaries need to come down are pure BS.

  23. As to the proposed trade, I doubt it will happen. Partially because of the overblown hype about first rounders, especially the first overall. But the main reason for me is that if either team was interested, they would have done it before the draft, nothing has changed since then. It’s just my impatience and desire for important news.

    The problem with the $2.75M offer for each of the next two years is that it is both low and short. Subban may be young, learning and still making mistakes but he’s been our ‘go to’ defenceman for the past two years; top pair on the PP, second pair on the PK and the most ice time per game. I agree he needs a bit more experience before signing the big long term contract, but until then pay him the going rate. I say 2 years at at around $7-8M total, or 3 years at about $10-111M. If he plays as expected, Bergevin will regret not signing him for much longer, think Price 2 years ago.

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