Some Subban

Two P.K. things.

The first, sent by Ian Cobb, is what many hockey fans feel – that P.K. is only about P.K., not about the crest. And yes, I know it’s a business, I don’t need to hear it, but I believe the young fellow thinks he’s accomplished more than he actually has and is worth more than he really is. His time will come. Patience is a virtue.

If we’re going to draw a line in the sand, I’m sticking with Marc Bergevin on this. A couple more years and P.K’s ship will come in. He needs to sign, and he needs the crest on the front.


Subban’s Hyundai Hockey Helpers promo, sent over from Danno.

P.K. says in the piece that when he was a kid, all he wanted was to get in the game. I can’t add to that.

6 thoughts on “Some Subban”

  1. There’s a lot of people joining the pile-on against PK lately.

    All I know is it will be a shame if we lose him.

    While it’s true we should not overpay him, in my opinion he is worth way more than what Marc Bergevin is rumoured to have offered him.

    Like the song says: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

  2. Ian Cobb
    January 27, 2013 at 11:15 am

    PK has absolutely no bargaining power what so ever. He can either take what the club is giving to play, or he can sit out.

    If he sits out, he will be in the very same situation next year, because his free agent status will be pushed back one more year for not playing.

    He is dead meat with the negotiations and his agent Meehen is giving very poor advice to the 23 year old.

    Get back down the 401 PK, before you destroy all what you have built up since your arrival in Mtl. Suck it up for a year or two, play well, and the bigger bucks will be there for you, or you can move on if you wish.
    But for now, you have no choice!!

  3. I wonder if this stuff about PK’s attitude is just a bunch of baloney.

    Maybe there a certain amount of intolerance and jealousy among certain players with regard to PK’s remarkable skill level which causes them to feel insecure and then go around accusing PK of having this so-called “attitude”.

    If this is what is at the bottom of what’s wrong in the dressing room, aren’t those very players the ones who need to be better persons, not PK?

    If there exists animosity towards PK for the above reasons, the real problem is not PK at all.

    This animosity can also influence Habs management into having a warped impression of PK which may be completely unjustified.

    It’s not too hard to gang up and badmouth someone so as to tarnish their image.

    PK can’t help being young. He can’t help being black. He can’t help being an Anglophone and he can’t help being really good at playing hockey. If certain players or management dislike him for one or more of those reasons then they are the problem, not him.

    Then again, maybe he is a complete @sshole and all the stories about him are true.

    Or maybe not…

  4. It’s so hard to say, Danno. He’s so naturally flamboyant he comes off at times as overly-cocky. But we hear different things, that he’s friendly and not so friendly and he’s a trash talker and all that.
    I don’t know. I just feel he has the potential to be a superstar but he’s not there yet. He’s one of my favourite players for sure but I’m mad at him for not signing and getting out there and helping.

  5. I just hope PK and his agent can reach a happy medium with Marc Bergevin. I am sick of all the business and the drama. Maybe this time out will help PK come back as an even better team player with the Habs after the dust settles. Or maybe he’s done with us and he’ll slip away from us forever. He may not be perfect, but I really think we need him and I hope we get some good news soon.

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