Some Photos To Pass The Time

The weather in Vancouver today has been excellent. Sunny, slightly brisk, with the smell of Greek lamb dishes in the air, and we strolled along Robson and down to the Yale bar on Granville, and in doing so I took a few pictures to pass the time.

This Lamborghini on Robson reminded me of the Habs.
This one reminded me quite a bit of the Canucks.
Two guys I met on Robson Street. The guy in red looks much prouder.
Yale urinal. I'm sure many great bluesmen have stood here over the years.
The Yale Rhythm and Blues Hotel
The Yale from a worse view

One thought on “Some Photos To Pass The Time”

  1. Lamborghini, fast and exciting, but quickly runs out of gas.
    Volvo, Swedish for dull and boring.

    Thankfully tonight the speedy hare limped over the finish line first.

    I love the idea of a self serve bar.

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