Some Lowdown On Kovy And Sopes’ New Digs

With the news that both Brent Sopel and Alex Kovalev have signed with Russian teams in the Kontinental Hockey League, I thought it important that we find out a little about their new places.

Kovalev is moving to Mytishchi in the outskirts of Moscow, and will be playing for Atlant Moscow Oblast, which up until recently was the much better known Khimik, a team that was around since 1953. Other players who have played there include Igor Larionov, Valeri Kamensky, Valeri Zelepukin, Vyacheslov Kozlov, and that legendary Soviet superstar…Kyle Wellwood.

Mytishchi is famous throughout the land for constructing the first water supply in Russia to provide the Kremlin with pure water. Below is a monument heralding the big event. Kovalev should be very proud to be in such a historic water supply area.

Brent Sopel will living much farther north and east, playing for Metallurg, founded in 1949, in Siberia’s Novokuznetsk. Sopes should be right at home here, moving from Chicago where the cold winds from Lake Michigan rattled his aching bones, to the area best known for the West-Siberian metal plants, where cold winds blow around with a nice metallic scent. (Actually, aside from the plants, the area is apparently quite a tourist destination, with clubs and music and lots of good shit).

Famous ex-player of Metallurg is Flyers’ goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky.

Below, the scenic landscape of Novokuznetsk.

6 thoughts on “Some Lowdown On Kovy And Sopes’ New Digs”

  1. I wonder how much vodka would need to be consumed in order to muster enough courage to climb that long blue pipe leading up to the red water valve?

    And it seems it’s pretty hard to pronounce Mytishchi or “??????” – even for a Russian – so Kovalev better start practicing. Luciena might find this amusing and maybe she could tell us what this lovely young lady is talking about…

  2. That’s funny! I had the word Mytishchi typed out using the Cyrillic letters like on the video but your web page turned it into “??????” instead.

  3. Danno, Luciena and I watched this and we found it quite funny. Here’s the skinny from Luciena. The girl was only rehearsing with the final show having been edited. She was doing the sports news about a girls’ basketball team but all the way through is having trouble pronouncing Mytisnchi. I asked Luciena if she was sure it was just a rehearsal because somehow I feel this could actually happen with the public seeing it. Luciena also says Mytisnchi is hard to pronounce for her too.

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