Some Day, When We Least Expect It, Gomez Will Score

It tickles my funny bone, this Gomez artwork (below) sent over from Danno. And Danno, deep in the heart of Ottawa, where politicians roam and refuse to become extinct, asks the following question: Do you know the last time Scott Gomez scored?

It was February 5th 2011. That’s like about 101 periods ago according to TSN radio. On that game, Carey Price got a shutout and the Habs won 2-0 over the Rangers.

Roman Hamrlik and Alexandre Picard were still with us. It was about a month before Chara did what he did to Pacioretty.

And computers were steam powered…

Here’s the link to the summaries of the last time Gomez scored. Feb. 5th, 2011

20 thoughts on “Some Day, When We Least Expect It, Gomez Will Score”

  1. Dennis,

    It’s one of those co-incidences that you should be writing about rare sightings. Sightings that take on a mythical quality, where those who claim to have witnessed them are sometimes treated with suspicion as either mad or drunk (I am usually both).

    Over the weekend I was up in Scotland (Scott Land – Geddit? oh please yourselves), in Inverness of all places.

    I slept in a hotel near the battlefield of Culloden.

    As well as myself and Tony Blair other great figures in history had slept there (well in the older version of the building).

    Bonnie Prince Charlie (The Young Pretender – promised much, failed to deliver – mmmm a theme developing here) on the eve of Culloden,

    The Duke of Cumberland (victor at Culloden)

    And a young Wolfe who was at Culloden (later to die…..well you know all that).

    Anyway to return to my point.

    I spent Saturday afternoon on Loch Ness. No nothing doing.

    Yet thousands will keep paying good money in the hope of catching a glimpse. believing in the impossible.

    And yes, folks will keep going back to Loch Ness as well.

  2. Blue Bayou, if you would have been at Loch Ness two weeks ago you might have run into my sister and my niece who were there searching and scouting about and flirting with those friendly Scotsmen.
    I heard that the Loch Ness monster originally made its way from Alaska and after all these years, still has trouble scoring and that’s why there’s no little monsters swimming around. I also find it disturbing that so many people go to see the monster perform but he never shows up. Somebody said it looks like a Mexican but I find that hard to believe.

  3. This picture made me crack up.

    God I can’t stand him. What a waste of a roster space.

    Dennis, the way you feel about Marchand is the way I feel about Gomez. All those millions of dollars down the drain for dick all.

    I think Gainey must have been high as a kite to do this trade.

  4. Darth, it really is one of the mysteries of life why Gainey would agree to this deal. Glen Sather must have had a ggod night`s sleep that night.It`s just unreal why they would take on that contract. And trust me, I have a major problem with Gomez, even more than Marchand. Mainly because he doesnt help my team, which therefore becomes a personal insult to me. Anybody who doesn`t help my team automatically goes in my bad book. I also can`t stand his smiling and his hesitance to get his nose dirty and his ice time and his spitting and his lousy jokes while while being interviewed.

  5. people who claim mythical or mystical experiences are sometimes deemed profits or saints made so by charlatans and profiteers. thank god, and i use that word in the pantheist sense, our beloved blue bayou is just drunk and mad, like the rest of us.

  6. It’s been such a looooong time.

    I hope all this Gomez bashing shames him into becoming a better player, but I’ve pretty well given hope on that.

    I think we have a better chance spotting the Loch Ness Monster in the Ottawa River than seeing Gomez score again.

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict the CH will win tonight.

    But that’s not much of a stretch since CH stands for both Club de Hockey and Carolina Hurricanes.

  7. Dennis, I would say Gomez is the most hated Hab of all time by Habs fans. I’m trying to think of someone else who may be more hated/disliked than he is and I can’t think of anyone else at the moment. I know some players had rough patches but the hatred for Gomez is nuclear.

    One thing I find funny is that usually when you badmouth a player, there’s someone who will stand up for him and think he’s great. You could say something like “Carey was awful last night” and someone will say “no he wasn’t, it was the team!”. With Gomez, you can say “God Gomez was terrible last night” and someone will reply with a “what else is new?” while giving you an odd look like you somehow expected different.

    Eric Staal is having a terrible year but I’d love to trade Gomez for him. God, if only! I wish they’d believe they need a shake up and that Gomez would be their solution.

    We need Reveen – badly. He’s got a website so let’s contact him and hire him to hypnotize Carolina into think this is a great idea.

  8. This one’s for Dennis to help him rant after we suffer a loss if he’s looking for something to say:

  9. Darth, the first time I watched Trailer Park Boys I didn’t know what to think. I scratched my head and said: “What the hell was that?” My first impression was that it was totally unprofessional and lame. But then I watched it again and I got it. Now I think they’re awesome.

    It’s the same reaction I had to Scott Gomez – except for the awesome part.

    One other thing. That Mr. Lahey is the William Shitspeare of the English language.

  10. Danno and Darth, I was a big fan of Trailer Park Boys too and still like seeing a old one when it comes on. They were so freaking stupid, the whole bunch of them. But we liked them anyway and I think most of us can relate in some ways. I know I can. My favourite was the time they kidnapped the guy from Rush. He looked like he was having a really good time filming this and was a really good sport about the whole thing. I’ve never ever seen any of these actors in real life on a talk show. And surely, Ricky can’t be that dim-witted in real life.

  11. one surely has to go in off his ass or something at some point. but i guess u have to be close to the opposing net with your team in possession of the puck………… perhaps one will go off that stupid grin and wipe it off his useless mug……….. no, i’ll go with nessy in the ottawa river.

  12. Hobo, you’re right. Surely one wil go in somehow. Or maybe not.
    Every time I’ve been to BC’s interior, I’ve looked for Ogopogo. And I remember when I was kid I heard that a serpent had been sighted in Lake Couchiching up in the northern part. I used to look for it too.

  13. That’s a great article Danno. I know I’ve agonized and suffered much more from Gomez’s performance especially considering his lack of value than all the problems caused by companies, CEOs, bankers, lobbyists, politicians, government and greenhouse gases combined.

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