Some Boobs And Some Hockey

I don’t have much to say right now. I have to dig a trench, and shortly after, go to bed. In the meantime, just two things come to mind. Will Larry Carriere lose his job when Rick Dudley comes aboard?

And the day I saw my first set of real boobs.

I stood on my bike at the back of the ladies change room down at the park in Orillia, and I looked through the screen window at an older woman changing, only about three feet away. There they were. Real boobs. That was a big day for me. I’d only seen them in magazines. And even though the lady was older and overweight, she had lovely bosom. The best bosom in the history of the world.

I bonded with that lady that day.

It was only when Carol Montgomery, who was in my class and wanted to become a nun some day, caught me watching and screamed blue murder, and I scrambled off.

That was a good day. I’ve thought about it often.

Now, if you’re a guy, think back and remember when you saw your first boobs.

And what about that Carriere/Dudley thing?


3 thoughts on “Some Boobs And Some Hockey”

  1. I do not remember about boobs – they kinda grew on me lol.

    As far as Carriere and Dudley go – that is interesting. I think Larry stays on but habs really need a capologist or a number cruncher guy/gal. Who am I kidding guy.

    I am thinking that the conditioning guys are going to be replaced. The team has always been hurt. I am thinking it is mostly conditioning. We shall see where this adventure takes us.

  2. The first pair of boobs that I saw “live” (we have to exclude porn or R-rated movies) were at a strip club that I went to with my pals when I was in high school. I remember them fondly. There was this lady dancing on stage in a very tiny bikini bottom with no top on. I think I sat there like a drooling idiot all night. Sadly, when it comes to boobs, I’m still a drooling idiot.

    The first time you get to hold them though, that’s another magical moment.

    I think Carriere will remain but in a different capacity (that seems to be the belief). With Bergevin, Dudley and Timmins around our scouting is going to be amazing. In a few years this team is going to really kick some ass.

  3. That Gaston, what a boob. He’s probably the one who alerted Carol.

    I remember watching scrambled cable channels thinking everything was a scrambled naked boob. That’s about the time my brain shut down.

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