Solid Effort From Habs

I don’t know whether the Canadiens simply played a fine home game and did most things right, or the Anaheim Ducks were flat and weren’t a shell of their normal selves.

Regardless, a great night for the Canadiens as they stayed mostly in control over 60 minutes and handed the visitors a fine-looking 4-1 win. A huge win. Just when we thought they were screwed.

On this night the Habs skated well, checked well, didn’t take an atrocious amount of stupid penalties, kept the Ducks chances to a minimum, didn’t blow the lead, and Cary Price did his job and looked confident and in control.

The funny thing is, those Ducks that we thought the Habs didn’t have much of a chance against, mainly because of the decimated lineup, have just two more points than the Montreal. Hilarious how the look can change with one big/little win.

Michael Bournival contributed a goal and an assist. Tomas Plekanec had a goal and two assists. Brian Gionta had two assists. And Rene Bourque picked things up a notch and although he didn’t score on a clear cut breakaway, he did soon after, just after coming out of the penalty box.

A real good night, and a nice thank you from the fans to Saku Koivu who was put on the ice by coach Bruce Boudreau in the last minute of play as a final hurrah, and then was given the game’s third star which of course had fans standing and cheering. A nice classy move by both Boudreau, the star selectors, and the fans.

That, and a Habs win, is the reason why hockey can be the best sport in the world. Unlike Tuesday when they blew a game to Edmonton, which made hockey the worst sport in the world.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Anaheim 32, Montreal 25.

With Tomas Plekanec’s three points, he now finds himself second in team points with nine, just two shy of PK.

Michael Bournival has really added some punch to the offense and now finds himself with five points and in the middle of the pack. A great situation for a kid who wasn’t sure until recently if he had a job with the big team or not.

Next game – Saturday when the Sharks come to town. Another tough test for our guys, and we now know that they can do it, injuries or not.


4 thoughts on “Solid Effort From Habs”

  1. Hey Dennis, I missed the game but was happy to hear the ending, playing a fine home game means not getting outshot for the third or fourth time in a row ..just a thought. I’m glad they got it done, good for Plecanacks, I’ve always thought highly of him.

  2. It goes to show that “you can never tell”. I was as surprised by this win as anyone–now watch the team fall flat on its face again against San Jose (that, or it’ll win 4-1, which seems to be the team’s favourite final score). I agree about Boudreau, but he’s always been a class act.

  3. Hi Derry, Pleks can be hot and cold but when he’s going, I think he’s one of the best in the league.

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