So Where Were We?

When we last left off, the Habs had just lost a dismal home-and-home series to the Philadelphia Flyers, 6-2 and 3-2, and had dropped a total of three of four after beating Washington in overtime 6-5 before the Flyers games but had been shutout by Boston 3-0 before that.

It wasn’t good, and the Olympic break was a timely diversion from the woes of the struggling team still faced with injuries to Mike Cammellari and Andrei Kostitsyn.

So Tuesday night the boys are back and in Boston, hopefully to inflict pain on the Beantowners with fresh and renewed vigour.

It’s time to put the hammer down and make a big playoff push. Montreal has to win two-thirds of their games and although a tall order, absolutely not impossible. Not when you’re a speedy, talented club with the best fans in the league pushing and encourageing.

The Canadiens currently sit in the 8th and final spot with 64 points, just one behind Boston and two behind Philly. So as you can see, Tuesday’s tilt with Boston is a big night right off the bat.

Jaroslav Halak showed he’s on top of his game while wearing the colours of Slovakia, and there’s certainly no reason for this not to continue in his regular Habs jersey. Tomas Plekanec and Sergei Kostitsyn played well in the Olympics, as did Andrei Markov, and the rest of the team should now have regrouped after the Philadelphia losses and are  ready to breathe fire.

Hammer down. Rock ’em, sock ’em, eat ’em raw. Beginning in Boston.

9 thoughts on “So Where Were We?”

  1. Yes, Dennis I am looking forward to the return of that exciting NHL-brand of hockey. No more of this slow-paced, dull, boring Olympic hockey. We crave for the spectacular Hal Gill!

  2. Yes, Danno, we’re going to have to adjust to quicker, more exciting games now. Nothing like a good old Florida Panthers-Phoenix Coyotes matchup to get the blood going.

  3. Well Dennis, no more ladylike behavior for me. Hope we hand the dreaded rivals their keisters. Ah, a good old-fashioned grudge match. I’ll feel so alive after we beat down your team.

    I’ll still be a fan of you though. No hard feelings.

  4. Woo hoo, clutch, grab, trap, indifferent play full of watered down teams here we come.
    It will take about 4 years for us to come down from this high. No wonder the NHL doesn’t want to go to Sochi.

  5. Chris – It’s gonna take awhile. I only watch Habs games as it is in the NHL exept for playoffs and the odd exception. I just can’t bring myself to watch Edmonton-Minnesota for example, or Carolina-Atlanta, or a whole slew of other combinations. There’s too many players who shouldn’t be there. Just imagine what it was like when the WHA was around. Two pro leagues. So many players who shouldn’t be there. Now, with 30 teams, it’s the same. I’m just not sure how Georges Laraque stuck around for so long even with all these players. I’m sure there’s a ton of good fighters in the minors who can skate.

  6. I don’t know why, but I’m extremely optimistic for the rest of the season.
    Maybe it’s from the Canada Hockey team that injected all this positivity in me, nevertheless, I believe that the Habs can pull it off and hold on to a playoff position.

  7. Dennis, you were awfully harsh on the B’s, so I had to be mean to you. Am I forgiven? (Needless to say, I would win the Lady Bing if I was a hockey player.)

  8. Diane, I wasn’t harsh. I just want the Habs to eat ’em raw. And only win by six goals. See? I wasn’t harsh. But you’re forgiven.

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