So That’s What Canucks Fans Think

After being so nice to Canucks fans, telling them how good
their team looks, how I hope their boys win it all, suddenly I want the series
to go seven games and have the Stanley Cup fall out of the plane into Okanagan
Lake where it’s swallowed up by Ogopogo, only to be regurgitated next spring by
the big fellow when the Habs make their run.

I’m just not ready after the latest development.

We already have whining, sniveling, insufferable Bruins fans
complaining that Alex Burrows should have been suspended for biting a finger
and shouldn’t have been around to score the winning goal in game two. But of
course, long erased from Bruin fans minds is the Zdeno Chara mugging, the
Andrew Ference finger, and the Nathan Horton scuffle with a fan.

On the other side, I asked a guy at work, a huge Canucks fan
and real nice guy, if fans are going to be bearable in the coming year if
Vancouver wins the Cup. “We’ll be fine, not like Habs fans,” was his

Enjoy your metal lunch, Ogopogo.

8 thoughts on “So That’s What Canucks Fans Think”

  1. Oh no Dennis, don’t throw the Cup away. The champagne won’t taste as good with Ogopogo spittle in it. It’s been over 35 years and we’re still getting the Flyer and Bruin stink off of it. Can we just throw the offending Canuck fans into Okanagan Lake instead?

  2. Denis…….shall I bring up some of the famous quotes of yours to me about my team and about last years run from you……..i think not. Let us just enjoy this

  3. Dennis-Kane… you know that Boston fans are..and always have been whiners… except ‘Diane’………….the rest of all this is sooooo surreal, I’m having a blast. Go Canucks in Beantown !!!!

  4. You’re right, Jan. Diane’s the best one in Boston. I think she should run for mayor. Good luck to your team tonight.

  5. Cool post, Dennis. I’m hesistant, however, to extrapolate about either set of fans based on comments from one or a few. Some great fans reside in both cities. And some, uh, not-so-greats.

    Just my thought.


  6. Homme, I have a friend in Ottawa who is not only a good guy but also a huge Bruins fans. So they’re out there. Of course great fans reside in both cities. But what lingers in my mind are commetns from Bruins fans after Max got hit. They were brutal. There was very little compassion it seemed. No one liked to see Nathan Horton go down but Bruins fans didn’t mind Max doing the same thing. And the way the Habs fan was swarmed in the Boston arena washrroom was unacceptable.
    Thanks for reading, Home. Hope all’s well.

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