So Long, Mike. You And The Leafs Deserve Each Other

Mike Komisarek has signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Good. Toronto can have him.

So many teams were interested in signing him. How come? He was one of the Canadiens’ worst defencemen last season. He has no idea what to do with the puck. He doesn’t score goals. He got pummelled by Milan Lucic. He made no impact whatsoever with Montreal. All he is is big and strong. It doesn’t make him dangerous, or a power-play guy, or a puck-handler. He doesn’t seem to be even a good fighter, and he was a liability in front of poor Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak, both of whom attempted almost nightly to bail him out after he gave the puck away.

Now he’s a Leaf. Ain’t it sweet? At least Hal Gill knows how to make the safe pass out of his zone, something Komisarek never figured out.

Everybody’s raving about Komisarek and how he’ll be big part of the re-building of the Leafs. I think it’s a joke. He’s tremendously overrated. He’s called an all-star, but we know how he became an all-star – when fans did their thing with the voting procedure.

Montreal had terrible problems on defence last year. Well, I’m here to say much of the reason was Komisarek, with his bad passes and brain-dead penalty-taking.

Toronto can have him. It’ll be funny when he passes up the middle, right on the stick of Scott Gomez or Mike Cammalleri or any other Hab, and we win the game because of it.

Through it all, through his bungling and costing the team in so many ways, he still felt he deserved a big raise. And somehow he’s managed to convince all the experts that he’s some kind of big-time star. That’s his biggest accomplishment so far. Fooling the experts.

Hey Leaf fans, don’t get too excited by this signing.

15 thoughts on “So Long, Mike. You And The Leafs Deserve Each Other”

  1. Komi’s an all-star, he’s popular and has potential. His potential is what the Leafs bought, not the step backwards he took this year. Half his salary’s a gamble.
    For Komisarek the big advantage of Toronto is that if he screws up, no one will notice. Leaf fans don’t expect much.

  2. The biggest problem I have with him is is sending the puck up the middle, only to be intercepted. We already had Brisebois perfecting it, we didn’t need two of them.

  3. All star? if the fans calling you an all-star makes you one i guess rory fitzpatrick of the canucks was an all-star to.

  4. Personally, I will miss Mike.

    But, I’m really really looking forward to the upcoming year.

    I wasn’t exited about the Gill signing… not at all… but.. the guy played in 2 Stanley Cup finals in a row. And he was used regularly….

    He will add the size lost in Mike… and maybe a tad tougher… because he’ll fight a little more.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t mean Komisarek deserved to be in the all-star game. But he was voted by the fans with the second most votes to the all-star game. The Montreal fans’ ballot stuffing was just this year’s biggest example of why the all-star game is a waste of time.

    Gainey saw the daily screw-ups, while everyone else heard the daily reports about a big hit he delivered. End result Komisarek raised his salary expectations far beyond what Gainey was willing to pay but Burke was. For reference Leaf fans considered Tie Domi as a great player and fighter.

  6. You nailed it, Christopher. Gainey saw it every day. He knows what a good defenceman is. He played with Savard, Lapointe, and Robinson.
    That’s right, Leaf fans – Domi was one of the greatest ever.

  7. If Komisaurus passes up the middle, Cammalleri will make him pay big time for it and then Wilson will explode. That guy BUZZES. I love watching him buzz the net. (I also love watching Wilson explode).

    But I’ll miss the big lug. At least the blue in his sweater will bring out his eyes more.

    Come to think of it… I wonder if Burke snuck in a secret deal concerning the Olympics… or maybe Komo thought it might give him a better opportunity to watch him play. But hey, if Team USA at the IIHF can bother using his buddy Mr. Turnover Hainsey, then why not Komisaurus. (The Russians are totaly going to be scary).

  8. Right on, C. And you’re right, Wilson will lose it. I hope Cammalleri was a good choice. The consensus was he was one of the top UFA’s, so I suppose so. There’s still a few spots to fill, and who’s it gonna be?

  9. Mike Komisarek is no Scott Stevens as Pierre McGuire labeled him when Habs drafted him on TSN where we heard him on nationwide.
    Mike Komisarek was a good hockey player developing in Hamilton and his first 3 years in Hamilton.
    Then something happened.
    Other young defensemen were peaking later in their age and proved they were better than Mike.
    Mike was overrated in Montreal.
    Mike was not the defenseman we drafted.
    Mike needs to focus more on hockey.
    Mike does not deserve a hefty salary as the lowly Leafs will be paying him.
    Mike was a okay guy off the ice.
    Mike was a defenseman remember for his weak slapshot, erratic passes, not covering his man in the DZone.
    I will not miss Mike in a Habs uniform.
    The Leafs recycle bin can have him.

  10. I agree with every point you made. Sometimes I wanted to throw my shoe at the TV after he bungled another pass. He was definitely overrated and certainly not an all-star.

  11. I was so frustrated with Komisarek these last two seasons, just waiting for him to really dominate. One player I can honestly say that I have never really cursed at due to some bone headed play is Bouillon. Is it me or is he underated?

  12. You’re right about Bouillon. He never made mistakes, and was underrated in a way. His biggest problem was he was just too small. Defencemen have to be bigger than he is. It was difficult for him to move bigger guys in front of the net. But he always did his job, worked hard, fought bigger guys. In many ways, it’s too bad he’s leaving.

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