10 thoughts on “So Long, Jack. Say Hi To The Rocket For Me”

  1. That’s a fine picture of a fine man.

    So sad he’s gone. Canada just isn’t the same without Jack Layton around anymore.

    I think it’s truly heroic the way he kept fighting for what he believed in, even while he was battling the cancer which finally took his life.

    If our Habs have that kind of fighting spirit this season, the Cup will be coming home for sure.

    Thank you and farewell Jack.

  2. He looks like he would have been one hell of a guy to hang out with. RIP Jack.

    I love the size of that beer. It reminds me that someday I need to go to Oktoberfest in Germany. You ever see the size of some of those beers? Wow!

  3. Darth, there’s a bar in Las Vegas off the Strip a ways that has giant beer, and I mean about a three pint glass, for just $3.50. Never seen a better deal. And yes, I want to go to Oktoberfest too. I can already picture the hangover on the plane back home.

  4. DK, I read some where after Jack passed away ” he was the best Prime Minister we never had”! Of all the leaders he was the one you could trust. What he said to one gathering was the same to the next group unlike the others who formed their speeches to pander to each differant point of view! RIP Jack.
    From the East!

  5. sincere condolences to the layton clan. it was a great thing he did removing the separatists,,,,,, oh excuse me,,,,, , the sovereign-tists from the federal landscape………………. mike, never trust a politician, a cop or a bruins fan.

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