So Long And Good Luck, Patrice


Patrice Brisebois has retired. Yes, the defenceman who heard boos on most nights at the Bell Centre has called it quits after a fine career that ran for more than 1000 games, from 1990 until 2009. He was also a solid member of the 1993 Stanley Cup champion Habs.

Brisebois had lots of things going for him. He was big, handsome, French-Canadian, a good skater and had a decent, low shot. Unfortunately, he was a lousy passer. His pucks up the middle that were intercepted by the enemy are legendary. It’s like he didn’t see the ice well. And his decisions deep in his own end with a couple of players attacking were questionable too. Often he would take the wrong player, leaving the other as open as open can be.

But I liked him and felt bad when the boos rained down on him. He’s a likeable sort, was proud to be a Canadien, and always seemed to be a hard worker. He tried to earn his money, which is something some others in the league could learn. And I’m sure he had legions of female fans, not only during hockey season but also on the race car circuit. A big, strapping, 6’2, 200 lb. super-rich famous athlete is just the kind of male to make women all dreamy and mushy.

Of course there was no room for Brisebois on this year’s edition of the Habs. Everyone knew it. It’s been coming for longer than just one year. But I say hooray for Patrice Brisebois because he was a proud Montreal Canadien for most parts of 16 years. And in my book, that means a lot.

Good luck, Patrice. Safe driving.

The times, they are a changing.

14 thoughts on “So Long And Good Luck, Patrice”

  1. Great article Dennis.

    I liked Brisebois and though he did loose some of those long passes and the occasional pinch… Kudos to a guy who really wanted to be a Montreal Canadien.

    Even after having the wrath of the Bell Center Boo Birds thrown at him, he came back to Montreal for a couple of years…. because he really wanted to play for the Canadiens…. and he wanted to help them succeed.

    I have nothing but admiration and best wishes for Brisebois.

    He leaves behind him a solid NHL career…. and something that most of us do not have (you too boo birds!)… his name on the cup as a Montreal Canadien.

    He’s forever in my memories of that great 1993 playoff run.

    Best to you Patrice! Félicitations sur ta carrière!

  2. Thanks, Yves. He had an excellent career and will have an excellent NHL pension. And you’re right, he played in the NHL, something those boobirds never had a sniff at.

  3. I took a lot of flack on the blogging boards for sticking up for him when he came back. I would do it again. Some fans are so hateful they just couldn’t give him any credit no matter what he did. I remember the 2008 playoff run against the Bruins, one game he was the lone scorer. We won 1-0. It didn’t matter the venom against him continued. It was a disgrace. I wish him the best and maybe we’ll see him back again in a coaching position. The players have nothing but good things to say about him, especially in the locker room. They said he was always helping out the younger guys.

  4. Good for you, Moey. Like Moeman said, he was (is) a decent fellow with a decent career. I stay away from these blog forums. It’s like walking on glass waiting for someone to nail you with an idiotic comment, or they think your comment is idiotic. For whatever reason, these open forums aren’t for me.

  5. Dennis,

    I’ve given up on them too. I find that if you have something half intelligent to say it just gets lost in a sea of garbage, a complete waste of time. Anyway, the game is just about to start, time to pour a glass of wine and hope we beat the crap out of the Bruins!

  6. And in these last 2 years, he was very cheap; probably the cheapest 18 year veteran around. Montreal could have used their own Patrice B tonight. His leadership was indispensable, but there was no space left for him.

  7. Although he wasn’t my favorite this year. I have to say that he’s a person that defines the word “Loyal”. He was a proud Canadien and has been through thick and thin.

    But luckily, this isn’t the end for him. He’s going possible going to pursue his other passion; racing.

    Good Luck Patrice, it’s been a hell of a ride.

  8. My hat goes off to Patrice,he was a very loyal Hab,and I wish him well.I think anyone who can put up with the crap from the fans that he did and still come to play every night deserve credit,au revoir Patrice,good luck in the future

  9. Some blogs can be some crazy good Habs fan fun. I think SDK should drop by FHFs once in a while. Bonus, babe pics.

  10. I’m not talking about FHF or any others, these are good. I mean the forums, where they jump all over you.

  11. Those would be leaf blogs. Avoided them SDK as they are bad for your health, mind and reputation. Its good to know the enemy but there are limits to what any sane Habs fan can click on. Have a great weekend bro and keep posting the awesome SDK content!

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