15 thoughts on “So I Was On The Park Bench, Talking To Gaston”

  1. I get Gaston, and the beer….but who is that small but shifty winger sitting next to them ? 🙂 And how can I get one of those cool jackets??

  2. Thanks, Habsdoc. All I have to do is lose 15 pounds, buy some skates, and……Um, maybe not. The jacket belonged to a Canadiens employee and is from the 195o’s. I’m going to wear it when I’m stick boy.

  3. I know your Sunshine Coast is a wonderland where palm trees grow, but seriously WTF just happened? Please keep a lookout for a cute little girl called Alice that may be stopping by. She’s much too innocent to handle both DKRFSB and big asshole Gaston. Hell I’m worried for everyone. You were barely able to control the mayhem created by the little prick, now what’s going to happen?

  4. Dennis, since size matters could you please send a tractor trailer load of DKRFSB to the Montreal Canadiens? There still a few players who need to get pumped up like Gaston.

  5. Danno, I know I should send them some DKRFSB but I’m mad at them for not giving me the stick boy job. But if they reconsider……

  6. Christopher, it scares the heck out of me to think what could happen if either Gastons met Alice. I shudder.

  7. It’s a great point, Hobo. Gaston is a perfect example of too much booze. He’s such an asshole.

  8. Habsdoc, thanks. 10 years may or may not become 11. I’m leaning toward “may not.” I’m only one lousy lottery away.

  9. Christopher, I think that’s cheap. At least compared to condos in downtown Vancouver. Yes, I want to live there. But first I need to patent my idea about coloured salt. Once I do that and begin to rake in the millions, we’ll move there for sure.

  10. Dennis, that’s the starting price. I’m glad to read that you’ll go higher as that will get you more rooms. After all when you live over over the Bell Centre, you never know when a friend from the web will show up late at night on your doorstep. You’ll want to keep a distance from his drunken snoring.

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