From time to time I like to just show pictures. Like now. But it’s only three.

If you look at the first photo and just to the right of the Rogers Sportnet display (this was taken from TV), you will see a woman in red and beside her a homely-looking guy in dark coat and hat. That’s Luciena and me at the Habs game in Vancouver on Feb. 22nd.

My favourite display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. (Taken by my son when he was there). I’m presently looking for a good glass cutter.

My grandson Adam wearing the Habs booties I sent him. Some of you may recall his birth announcement a month and a half ago. And in case you missed it, Adam will also be the Habs 2029 first-round draft pick. At least I’m pretty sure this will happen.

5 thoughts on “Snapshots”

  1. He’s terrifically cute, and it’s good to start them young. Maybe they’ll have the headshots figured out by then.

  2. Thanks, AC. Naw, I can’t see them having it figured out by then. Bobby Clarke says the game’s too fast now and needs to be slowed down. Guys are too big and the speed they’re going and the distances they skate, there’s bound to be collisions. He said they need to put the red line back in.

  3. Dennis, Adam has inherited those good-looking Kane genes. He’s going to be a hearthrob for the ladies!

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