Smile, Gary

I dunno, some people are just more photogenic than others. Take Gary Bettman for example. This recent photo of the commissioner shows him after another marathon four-hour meeting, looking tanned and healthy and ready to tackle any upcoming problems involving those crazy NHLPA people who just don’t seem to get it.

Lookin’ good, Mr. Commissioner. In fact, I’d say you’ve never looked better.


9 thoughts on “Smile, Gary”

  1. Bettman’s latest offer to the players can be found inside that kid’s diaper.

    Compromise was never Bettman’s strong suit. This my-way-or-the-highway style bargaining just isn’t working.

    The owners need to seriously consider firing Gary Bettman and hitting the reset button for negotiations. Because the Bettman situation stinks.

    The game is bigger than Gary Bettman. But then again, so is just about anything.

  2. Danno, it’s on the verge of being finished for the season and there was no reason for that. They could have, like you say, compromised, and they also could have started negotiations months earlier. These people, both sides, have affected millions of people and many livelihoods. They haven’t been great for bloggers either. Bettman has to go. He’s the wrong pipsqueak for the job.

  3. I would think that Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky or Ken Dryden, would be suitable replacements. Frankly almost anyone would be an upgrade to Bettman. Heck, the Ikea Monkey would be an improvement.

    The league needs somebody in charge who has actually played the game and understands the players and the fans. You would think that would be a prerequisite for the job to begin with. Will the owners be stupid enough to jeopardize next season? Stay tuned…

  4. Excellent points Danno. Every line is quote worthy. How would you like to be commissioner?

    They might as well cancel the season now. The (pre-tournament) World Junior Championships have started, no need for half-assed NHL floaters. By the time Team Canada wins gold in January, it will be too late to have a season. At least I still have the season that could have been article you wrote earlier, Dennis. Too bad I can’t find it. Any helpers?

  5. Christopher, I’m racking my pea brain trying to recall the article you mean. I’m just not sure.
    I think any new commissioner/prez of the league should be more in tune with the players, like Dryden et al that Danno mentioned. Bettman’s way too far removed from any of this sort of thing. He made money for them, but lots of people could do the same thing. It’s much more than just that, and that’s where he’s fallen way short. I want to give him a wedgie.

  6. To Mike –

    Gomez and Bettman make almost exactly the same amount of money.

    Both are really ineffective at what they are supposed to do.

    Hey. Maybe they’re the same person…

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