Small Ring Rant

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Habs program for a small rant.

I bought my wife a diamond ring for her birthday and was asked at the time if I wanted a warranty which cost $100 and I said no after briefly thinking about it. We then later took the ring in for sizing and they basically said we were nuts for not getting a warranty but we said no again. Today the lady phoned and once again said we should have a warranty and was shocked that we didn’t have one.

She’s shocked. I had no idea jewellery people took it so hard when one doesn’t purchase a friggin warranty. Three times they asked and three times we said no.

This is not the Hope Diamond. Not something like Richard Burton gave to Liz Taylor. It was 600 bucks. WE DON’T WANT THE F&*%^$ WARRANTY AND LEAVE US ALONE FOR F&#%^ SAKES!

8 thoughts on “Small Ring Rant”

  1. What would a diamond be warranted against? Cracking, yellowing, melting, exploding, divorce, child support? Are u sure you don’t want a warranty?

  2. It covers diamonds if they ever fall off, and polishing.
    I don’t mind the idea of having it, I just didn’t like the idea of her saying it was shocking. She doesn’t know my financial situation or anything else, plus she probably gets a few bucks for selling them.

  3. Warranties have huge profit margins, much more than the actual sale. The same thing happens with electronics where the replacement cost after a manufacturer’s two year base warranty runs out is barely more than the extended warranty cost. I wonder what the jeweler’s explanation would be as to why 17% of the rings are so poorly manufactured that the stone would fall out. 17% represents the warranty mark-up.

  4. Is there an extended warranty to protect you against aggressive extended-warranty salespeople?

  5. DK, Thats why I don’t go to MR. Lube anymore. always trying to sell a service you have said no to 3 or 4 times, whats not to understand the N or the O!!!

  6. I find the very worst place for pushing extras was Lenscrafters.

    And contrary to what you might believe their glasses are not cheap.

    Needless to say, I purchased my glasses at a reputable, local non-chain optician.

    Pressure salespeople chase away more customers than they manage to trick into buying from them. In the end, even the people who they manage to fool are not likely to become repeat customers because they will remember the experience was not a very pleasant one.

  7. I know this feeling about oil change places, Mike. Just change the oil and nothing more.

  8. Danno, they chase us away. This experience with People’s has me thinking for sure that I’m not going back.

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