9 thoughts on “Small Quiz While Waiting For Friday’s Habs/Wings Clash”

  1. Is that a keg of Kane’s beer? Oh my yes, eyesight’s over-rated.

    Do you have stories about Capital Ale and the Nude Beer? I’ve never heard of them. Google has info and pictures of the Nude Beer, but has nothing on the Old Stock.

  2. Dennis, DKRFSB is the discerning beer drinker’s beverage of choice. It’s brewed for connoisseurs with a refined palate seeking a distinctive ale with flavour, bouquet and character that’s as big and fresh as the rocky mountains.

    People everywhere say DKRFSB is infinitely more stimulating than ginger ale. But did you know DKRSFB can also be used effectively as paint remover, bug killer, herbicide, quick start and/or embalming fluid?

    Treats athlete’s foot on contact.

    Use with caution as it has been known to cause instant blindness to novice drinkers. Not recommended as a breakfast drink.

    On a side note. The label on the bottle of Capital Ale caught my eye. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen our lovely Parliament Buildings framed by what appears to be a toilet seat. And a blue one at that.

  3. Danno and Christopher. The Capital Ale was given to me by my ex-wife’s uncle who was about 80 years old at the time and had a case of it under his stairway for decades. I think it’s from the 1930’s, and it’s also a full bottle.

  4. Danno, it definitely means something – the Parliament Buildings in a toilet.
    Everytime I look at this from now on I’m going to see the toilet.

  5. Dennis,

    Are there are no depths to which the purveyors of poor quality beer will not sink in their efforts to distract the discerning punter from supping his keg of DKRSFB (I assume one drinks straight from the keg – it saves washing up).

    This Nude Beer. I see it’s imported. I assume this is because the flower of Canadian womanhood, fragrant yet retiring and diffident, could not be persuaded to disport their wobbly bits in such a demeaning enterprise as endeavouring to persuade the man in the street that pleasure could be found in this pale imitation of the one true beverage.

    I for one am not for turning.

    (btw talking of turning, could you just twist the bottle round to show a little more of the label – that’s purely so I can see the full list of ingredients you understand)

  6. Dennis, if you drink enough of the Old Sock Crapital Ale, you will most definitely be seeing the toilet. But not just on the label.

    You could find yourself talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone.

  7. The beauty of the Nude beer, Blue Bayou, is if you scratch the label the clothes come off. I don’t know if this makes the beer taste better or not. It might. This beer came from Mexico but I have no recollection of how or where I got it. I’ve had it for years and dug it out of a box in the basement. But nude or not, there’s only one beer and that of course is DKRSFB. My eyesight is shot and my liver looks like a raisin but I drink it for the taste and all those things in it with big names.

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