Slow And Easy. Is That Good?

Below is a sign on the road just south of here, on the Sunshine Coast, where every day I get behind drivers going 20 or 30 km under the speed limit. It’s the perfect sign for this area. They’re not in a hurry here. It’s an area full of fishermen, old American Vietnam draft dodgers, hippies who escaped the rat race, and tug boat operators who are used to going four miles an hour. None of them apparently don’t see any benefit in rushing. These people can leave for the corner store when they’re 60 years years old and arrive when they’re 62.

They just don’t realize that I’m in a hurry. I’m not sure why I’m in a hurry, but I am. Maybe I have to get home and relax. Maybe I have cold beer in the fridge. C’mon, drivers. Speed up. Try going the speed limit. You might like it.

It’s also a slow wait for P.K. to sign, for Gomez to go, for owners and players to come to an agreement, for hockey to start, and for my holidays to begin in September. All this slowness in our world. Is that good?

P.K. has almost two months to sign a new contract, so I suppose all’s well there. At least it better be. My holidays will come slowly (but go quickly). But as for Gomez, the owners and players agreeing, and hockey starting, it could be like waiting for turtles to cross the road.

7 thoughts on “Slow And Easy. Is That Good?”

  1. I always find the period between the end of the season and the beginning of the new one to be a horribly long period. Add in a no-playoff appearance for us and it’s even worse. It seems like it’s been ten years since we last played and that it’ll be ten years until the next time we do.

    I’ve tried Football – nope. Baseball – nope. Soccer – nope. The Olympics (when they are on) – nope (unless it’s the Winter ones). Talk about one endless drag.

    Being in traffic can be a real drag – it’s either they forget what an accelerator is or that’s the only thing they know and think they have to keep their foot on it at all times. It’s times like this that a James Bond car would come in handy.

    Too slow up ahead? Fire a rocket maybe – that will motivate them to move. A maniac behind you? Drop a few spikes. If you have a really dull passenger? Hello ejection seat!

  2. Darth, I enjoy the Olympics. I was going to be a gymnast in the London games but they crept up too fast and I didn’t have time to train. I’ve love baseball since I was really young, but I rarely watch a full game now because I can’t sit still long enough. What you should be doing in the off season is working hard on your art. Full speed ahead. Several hours every day. You should also enjoy cold beer in an outdoor cafe in Old Montreal.

  3. Beatnik, thank you. Some great old footage there. Unfortunately, some looked quite serious. But really interesting stuff.

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