12 thoughts on “Slightly Earlier Habs-Devils Joust”

  1. … I think this how junkies react… We win today, Tuesday, and OH MY! Is that Burkie now in our rearview mirror?

    OK, seriously, if Cunneyworth can learn enough French, I’d like to keep him. Could you imagine at Christmas saying this team is fun to watch!

    Habs 3 Photographer’s Son 1

  2. Hey Mike, the Habs have definitely played better lately, and if they could pull off making the playoffs it would become an exciting season afterall. There’re still a ways out but a win against NJ would be excellent. The photographer’s son plays well in Montreal so it’s a bit of a concern. And yes, if the Canadiens pull something off, then Cunningworth will have done a good job and deserves to stay, as long as he learns the basics of French at least.

  3. Could be the last game ever for MB against & in Montreal since no announcement as of yet has been made about Brodeur playing next season so Habs make it a loss….

  4. Hey Dennis, That would be quite a pissload going over the falls I would think.Yes ,a win tonite would be great and neede.I think that these guys have found a way to win and they are trying to hold onto it.Carey Price…when he’s in the groove he is awesome.

  5. Dennis,

    My geography is shaky but isn’t just as well it all doesn’t come over the Falls as you guys already put up with enough wind and piss from south of the border?

  6. Martin, Brodeur’s had a great career, he’s a great goalie, one of the best ever. A good old Montreal boy. Would’ve been nice to have seen him in a Habs uniform at some point. But at least we’ve got Carey now.

  7. Blue Bayou, yes, a lot of it from Boston and Philly. But Jack Kerouac was raised in Mass. and I’ve always like that do-wop music out of Philadelphia so they aren’t all bad.

  8. Could Bayou Blue be from my neck of the swamp? While there are Habs fans everywhere, we could use more in Louisiana!

  9. Devils win 3-1.

    That hurt.

    Faint hope fades and harsh reality is setting in.

    I just hope Erik Cole is okay.

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