Slight Tweaking Of 20 Years Ago

“CUP COMES HOME” blared the headline in 1993 and little did we know that the Cup just a year later was going to run away from home and stay away. Stanley come home. We miss you.

Enough’s enough. I think I’ll change it.

It was Montreal’s 24th 25th championship in 1993 2013 and it was done on the shoulders of Patrick Roy Carey Price, who would be named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner as the most valuable player in the playoffs. Patrick Carey gave us 16 wins and just four losses along the way, and to think if he hadn’t become upset with Mario Tremblay had players like Scott Gomez in front of him in previous years, he might had already won.

But all was peace and love in 1993 2013 like it was when Roy was in the nets for the 1993 Cup win. Michael Farber Dave Stubbs, in The Gazette coverage, wrote, “You can sum up the Stanley Cup in almost any two words you choose: Patrick Roy Carey Price. The best. The Canadiens.”

Montreal won that this year by beating the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 and claiming the title in just five games. L.A.’s Wayne Gretzky Mike Richards was disappointed. “I said before the playoffs began that I want to go out on a  get high. I think I played as well as I can. The next few days I’ll talk to my wife Jeff Carter. I’m not leaning toward retirement but I’ve fulfilled my obligation to Los Angeles.”

Kings owner Bruce McNall Philip Anschutz put a blank piece of paper in front of Gretzky Richards and told him to fill it in. The Great Kenora One would remain an LA King for another three seasons before heading to St. Louis and then the Rangers). quit anyway.

But back to the more important stuff – the Habs winning. Montreal’s Lyle Odelein Travis Moen emotionally stated, “You try to take the moment and just hold on to it. You think about what you’re doing and you try to make sure you remember it. I’m from Saskatchewan and I doubt there’s a kid out there tonight who wouldn’t want to do what I did – skate with the Stanley Cup. I was so pumped up I could have lifted the Cup to the sky.”

Stephan Lebeau Drew Drewiske recalled seeing the Cup in the garage at the Forum Staples Center before Calgary L.A. won it in 1989 2012, but he didn’t touch it. “You don’t touch what isn’t yours. I didn’t want to touch it until we won it.”

To reach the finals, the Canadiens had taken out the Nordiques Senators 4 games to 2, Buffalo Boston 4 straight, and  New York Islanders Pittsburgh 4 games to one. Hab haters claimed that Montreal had an easy time of it because stronger teams had somehow been eliminated, but don’t believe these naysayers. They’re a bunch of wankers.

Of course there was rioting a peaceful love-in in the streets of Montreal. Thousands smashed looked through windows, overturned drove around in cars, looted sang, and in general, behaved like morons angels.

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