Slight Difference In Power Rankings

As you’re well aware, the Canadiens host the Detroit Red Wings tonight at the Bell Centre, and of course a home team win is a must. It’s sort of stating the obvious, don’t you think?

And just so you’re clear what we’re up against, the NHL power rankings for week 17 are out, and Detroit sits in first place, with the mention that they’ve won 7 in a row, and Montreal is way down at 26th, with the mention that PK got in a spat with Randy Ladouceur at practice.

So yes, a Habs’ win would be such a beautiful thing. And yes, I hate power rankings. (Unless we’re way up in the penthouse, like Detroit).

21 thoughts on “Slight Difference In Power Rankings”

  1. Nobody expects the Habs to win tonight Dennis.

    Which is precisely why they are going to beat the Red Wings.

    It’s just that kind of team.

  2. A big big psychological victory for your Habs with a win plus gets them to within sniffing distance (8 pts) of the Leafs,Panthers and Devils all tied….

    Time for your Ace in the hole Carey to come through…..

  3. The only thing in our favor tonight is that winning streaks always end and this is the last game before the break. Hopefully Detroit won’t be in it for that reason (kind of like working on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend) and hopefully this won’t effect us either!

    I’m going to this game and I’ve got my fingers crossed. If we do lose though at least I’ve seen Detroit in action. I’d love if we had that team as our Habs.

    They’ve been pretty damn good for 20 years now. Good management, good scouting, good drafts. Makes a difference doesn’t it?

    And get a load of this: on local sports radio they had an interview with a guy who is a friend of Larry Robinson (or agent, I missed the first part). Anyways, this guy said that Larry’s heart has always belonged to Montreal.

    Earlier this year (last season), a deal was kind of made where Larry would come to Montreal to be the defensive coach and after that maybe the ambassador for the club. The Devils called Pierre Boivon, our President at the time and suggested a “trade” of sorts, sending Larry here (for what I don’t know, not a player).

    They had a two week window. Pierre said ok. So two weeks pass and the Devils call back and tell Pierre that time’s up but they have a 48 hour window. Pierre says ok again. The two days pass, no call comes, and then Larry sticks it out in NJ.

    This guy does talk to Pierre (who had sounded all interested in this) and asks him what happened? Pierre then says how he was “vague” and didn’t “provide” enough details. What a dumbass!!!

    This is the kind of management we’ve had.

    Larry’s contract in NJ is up this year. He is very good friends with the Molsons and the guy talked to Geoff about Larry to let him know that he’d love to come back. It all depends on the management though. I think he was implying that Gauthier needed to be gone first.

    So maybe we’ll have Larry next season. That’s good. He’ll get PK working properly.

    Who in their right mind passes on Larry Robinson?

    Well, I’ll be back tonight with my game report. God I hope it’s a good one. πŸ™

  4. Isn’t it time we decided this season is a wash, and hope for a better pick? Yes, we’re 12th in the East, but us, 13th, 14th and 15th all have the same amount of points.

    It would be better for the organization if we had a top five pick, instead of a pick around 10th.

    Our chances for the playoffs aren’t good. Too many teams to catch and pass in the standings.

    The team needs to rebuild. They still have some good young players (Price, Subban, Eller, Leblanc), but they need to get a top forward that can only be taken in the draft.

  5. It’s a point well-taken, Tom. But it very difficult for me to simply give up. I don’t think it’s in my makeup. But you’re absolutely right, a better pick would be lovely for a change. But like I said, it’s just really hard to admit defeat at this point, although our chances are slim.

  6. Darth, I would so much love to see Robinson back in the fold. He bring some respectibility and knowledge, and give us a presence we’ve been missing. Having Big Bird back would make my day. What Boivin was doing is beyond me.
    Hope you have an excellent time tonight. Don’t forget to get your Cammalleri and Gomez souvenirs. And take some photos if possible.

  7. Danno, a win tonight would be great in so many ways. You’re right, nobody expects it. But when the Habs play well, they play well. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen that they can be a fine team, but they often become comatose for some reason. C’mon team, smarten up.

  8. Leaf Fan, I just can’t stop thinking that if we won about four or five straight, we’re back in the thick of things. But we just haven’t been able to put it together. So I see no reason why it can’t start now. You’re absolutely right – Price has to start playing like he can. And the damn power play has to get going.

  9. I’m going to look for the prettiest Gomez souvenir I can find and send it your way Dennis.

    I can’t wait to see how cheap the Cammy shirts are, not that I’d buy one.

  10. Marjo, who’s Markov? No, no news as usual. What irks me is that he went on the California road trip a couple of months ago, and they said he might play. Then he didn’t and now we hear nothing. If he was close then, what happened? We might never see Markov play again.

  11. Dennis, that’s what bugs me, too. Making all this money on the sidelines with NO update. While in California, didn’t they say maybe six more weeks? Two months have gone by. I hate this management so much.

  12. The last update on Markov that I remember is when Pierre Gauthier gave his big speech at the year, or maybe it was just after New Years.

    Anyways, at that time Mr. Gauthier said that he did not expect Mr. Markov to return until AFTER the All-Star game. That said, I wouldn’t count on Markov playing against Buffalo on the 31st.

    Gauthier’s statement was deliberately vague and I am beginning to believe we may never see him play again.

  13. I think he probably won’t be back this year at all. Unless we can improve our chances of making the playoffs, they’ll probably just sit him out this year. 6 million down the drain.

    Is he on injured reserve? If he was wouldn’t we get some cap space for that?

  14. Yes. That’s why the Habs cap space now is $10 million, but will be $14 million by the trade deadline. The cap space goes up every day he’s on the IR. But it doesn’t come all at once.

  15. Its just simply time for Price to strap the team to his back….He is the best goalie in the NHL when on ….That allows for that Montreal counter attack…

  16. Darth, I heard the show too. He claimed to be ‘a very good friend’. Why would a guy go on a show like that and start revealing all this stuff? There has to be something going on in the making..

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