Sliding Further In Nashville


There wouldn’t be a big win in Nashville to ease the pain, and the dreadful slide continues.

Habs fall 5-1 to the Nashville Predators and have now lost four straight, and eight of their last nine. Or nine of their last eleven if you want to stretch it to the max. What a friggin’ December.

They can’t score either. And their power play is in a coma.

Tabarnak it’s a sad state of affairs.

On a positive note, Nashville’s fifth goal was into the empty net.

No matter how you look at at it, this sinking into the depths of hell sucks plenty. They were going so good, not that long ago. Nine straight wins, baby. Remember that? The toast of the hockey world. Wow!

Then it just kinda went away, like your allowance at the roulette table.

At one point last season (late November, early December), the Habs won just once in seven games, but then rebounded to win nine of their next ten.

However, Carey Price was in nets when they rebounded. So it’s entirely possible this year’s rebound is still a ways off.

As far as goaltending goes, it’s been Condon replacing Toker, Toker replacing Condon, Condon replacing Toker. Won’t somebody grab the job and hold on for goodness sakes?

I’m not into it and I apologize. But if they’re not going to play hard and with heart, why should I type when I could be making a grilled cheese and picking my toenails?

Tuesday’s another day, with the boys in Minnesota.

Canadiens outshot the Preds 36-19, but they’ve outshot the opposition often during this wretched time. So answers lay elsewhere.





12 thoughts on “Sliding Further In Nashville”

  1. Hi Dennis….it is a tough time for our once glorious Habs. In this day of system against system in the NHL it may take a bit longer to right the ship providing there is no internal stuff going on. One poster on another site mentioned that there are rumors of inside issues with MT and his brand of fairness with some players. I never liked MT as a coach pick but who am I and he does have a good record but still as they like to say his playoff record is not that great. I was and am greatly impressed with AG ‘s effort these past few games. I’ve been a gentle critic of his but he really has some future I think. If he gets his confidence he will become a very impactful player. His skill level is through the roof….has to hit the net more….has to be less frantic but it will come some day. He will add excitement to our team when we most need something added. I am increasingly concerned with the play of our team. You just can’t blame this on only goaltending. Being a suspicious man in nature I look for inside the team issues such as coaching decisions etc. This team has too much talent to lose on an extended basis. They also need to grow a set because other teams must be looking at playing them as a pond hockey game…they have forgot how to throw a check. Incredibly soft team.

  2. Gave a pass on watching the game last night…thought i was jinxing the team..there goes that theory out the window.
    Obviously there is nobody or situation that’s lighting a torch under these guys bums. I think the passing of “gros Bill” last year got them inspired and motivated…not so with the passing of Dickie Moore…at the end of the day they all still get a packet of pay whether they play well or not…win or lose for that matter. I’m not totally discouraged…things will improve once Price and Gally return ….until then it’s a crap shoot…or just crappy shooting.

  3. Hi Cliff. The Therrien/fairness issues have been going on for a few years now. But if he wants to play someone more than we think he should, that’s fine with me. My concern is the seemingly lack of fire on the ice. They seem to be half dead out there. When I watch I find my mind wandering. It’s difficult to stay focused and really enjoy. We’ve seen these guys play better so we know it’s in them. Must be a mental thing and if that’s the case, it’s up to them, along with leadership from the captain and coach. I’m not in panic mode just yet, but I’m completely interested on seeing how it’s all going to unfold. A win in Minnesota, before the Christmas break, would be nice.

  4. Ed, I wish I would’ve taken a pass. There’s a lack of passion going on right now. Climbing out of a slump isn’t easy and sometimes it takes a puck off the nose or something to begin the change. These rich athletes gotta go within and figure it out. Maybe a jaunt to India with a Maharishi is needed.

  5. Hope you are right Danno……Ed now that you have proven that not watching our once glorious team play doesn’t compute to winning enjoy the game

  6. I agree Peter but this team ( present ) players have never shown any stomach for toughing it out. MB 3 years ago seem to be in the mood to keep his better more skilled players protected hence Prust’s signing. He has since rethought his position and went for 4 lines with speed but they are not going to be around long in the post season if things don’t turn quickly. This type of result is tough on us fans but these players also are getting a second chance to think of how they measure up. So hopefully they turn it quickly before a permanent confidence issue take it’s toll.

  7. Hey Dennis….would that be Cheez Wiz …..if you know what I mean?


    Jim and Heather

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